Dear Pygoya

Thank you for the kind words!
I will take as many images you want to give, there are
artists on the site who have 4 images up, and artists
who have 30 images up. One artist now actually has
about 80 images. It's really up to you. The size also,
can be up to you. Generally, the other works are under
250 kb/ 800 width. Both the original size, and a
thumbnail that I create will be displayed on the site.

Topeka offers zero support for arts. There are no
museums or galleries. This is very much a blue collar
town. There is just not enough interest.

I wish you luck on your ventures outside Honolulu.
I find your views fascinating, and will definitely find
the books you suggested. Thank you for introducing me
to them.

Best Regards,

Andrea Palko

On Wed, 02 Feb 2005 13:40:14 -1000, Pygoya wrote:

> Dear Andrea,
> Thank you very much for the link and inviting me to
> place some of my art
> at your site. You made my day! That's hard to do with
> my blog going
> online today too, at
> Let me know how many digital works you need and the
> pixel size. Like at
> my site, roughly 5x7" on screen?
> How is the support for digital art in Topeka?  It's
> horrible here in
> Honolulu, the reason I took to the Web opportunity way
> back in '97.  I
> see you got an early start too.  Lately I've been
> thinking of moving to
> Oregon, finishing up my life there.  Figure, high tech
> culture gotta be
> more developed there than the beach mindset here. Plus
> real
> property-wise tons cheaper than prime Hawaiian real
> estate here, the
> whole rock is overpriced. Supply and demand.
> How about Topeka? What would a downtown gallery cost?
> To own?  I'm
> looking at a 8,600 sq ft. vintage (read: super old,
> 1897!) to house "The
> Internet Art Museum," America's first.  My joy would
> to build a
> permanent print collection from original digitals
> online.  My
> special personal satisfaction to fantasize artists in
> my museum telling
> others, "My work is in the permanent collection of a
> museum."
> Have you read "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell, just out
> a best seller
> for sure?  I read his earlier "Tipping Point."  I
> recommend these if you
> are interested in cutting edge psychology of groups,
> fades, social
> epidemics, and how we make instantaneous decisions in
> complex situations
> that are tied to our survival instincts.  Cool stuff.
> Having just
> started Blink, I must confess there's some overlap
> a book I wrote
> in 1980 that expounded my theory on why when we look
> art we instantly
> judge because "I may not understand art but I KNOW
> I LIKE."
> Tipping Point makes the point that little influences
> like you and me can
> make a difference in making major shifts in culture.
> The analogy is
> when a critical temperature is reached, BINGO, water
> ice. Instead of
> an army of revolutionaries, sometimes all it takes is
> the perseverance
> and effort of a few to change mainstream preferences
> and behavior.
> So I keep trying to make a difference. Thank you for
> making a difference
> to me today.
> Aloha,
> Pygoya
> Digital Abstract wrote:
> > Greetings Pygoya,
> >
> >   The weather in Topeka horribly cold and
> > blustery. But what can do you.
> > Thank you very much for adding Digital Abstract's
> > to your site! I absolutely love your work. I added a
> > link to your site at the below address:
> >
> > .
> >
> > You can find your listing under Art Resources.
> > If you would like your link moved to another
> > please feel free to let me know. I will be more than
> > happy to change it.
> >
> > Lastly, if your are ever interested in showing some
> > you art on this site, Digital Abstract would love to
> > have it. It would be an honor. Thank you again for
> your
> > interest in Digital Abstract.
> >
> > Best Regards,
> >
> > Andrea Palko
> >