From: Alyssa Boehm <>
Subject: Attn Librarian: Alyssa Boehm update information


I love your site! I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that
some of the information you had about an article I wrote on Internet
Addiction is slightly outdated. Tripod has redesigned the site, so the
most current URL is:

Also, I've written some other articles about Web culture for the Chicago
Tribune. I moved on to the Tribune after I left Tripod. I've since left
the Tribune; what can I say -- I'm a wanderer! Also, my contact information
is pretty much the same as listed on these articles. People can e-mail me
at:, I'm always happy to answer questions or reply to
messages. I still get about 3 messages a month about my Internet Addiction

I really think this WebMuseum is so wonderful and valuable. So much of the
stuff on the Web gets lost after a while, so I really think it's tremendous
that you're making an effort to save a lot of this work!
Thanks for your help!

Alyssa Boehm

Anyway, here's a collection of some of the Web-oriented projects I've
worked on since my days at Tripod.,1246,11896,00.html --
a link to the whole project which I produced, but I didn't write all the

Actual pieces that I've written:,1051,ART-10729,00.html,1267,11896-11900-

Alyssa Boehm
Extranet Solutions
773-665-0020 ext. 101
Chicago ~ Illinois