From: Cecil Herring <>

Subject: New Work

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Dear Art Lovers:

This past year I changed servers so I could have more web space. I lost many of you I think!

I looked up all your names from a print out I had made of my address book and realized some of you do not have my new e-mail address! it is:

Also, 2 other things: I went to the South of France to paint and came back inspired to paint lots of paintings! Also, I am having a one-person show next month at UCF Library.

In order, visit my web site to see new oils and watercolors done from my trip to France

in September, 1999.

I put up the new oils on my landscapes page and the watercolors are on the watercolors page on the site. I still have a few more to photograph and get on the site. Plus I am still painting more! I loved France. The light is as great as the impressionists and fauvists said it is.

I find that the fauvists were forerunners of digital art also! The digital colors match Matisse, Derain, Vlaminck, early Braque, Dufy, and Manguin. I am busy driving up the colors of my photos into instant fauvism! THEN, I paint the printouts. Not exactly sitting on the banks of the mediterrannean and enjoying the French air since I am back in dear Deltona.