Cecil Herring's  thoughts on WEBISM

August 26, 2004


 WEBISM is created by the World Wide Webists
making art  for art lovers, space travelers and  space explorers.
Mankind is ready for space travel and WEBISTS
are ready to  bring art everywhere mankind goes,
whether on earth or in space.
WEBISTS know that art is being  be created
someplace in the universe. WEBISTS want assurance that art
will always be everywhere on earth and in space.
Webists bring artists together, contributing
visual, entertaining, and healing ideas
 for people around the earth, in space, on the moon
and the planets.
Who knows what artwork by WEBIST artists
gives a special sendoff to the age of space travel?
 WEBISTS communicating
 globally create WEBISM and WEBISM goes into the far
reaches of deep space!
The world is changing into a WEBOSPHERE
with the WEBISM we WEBISTS are building