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Tue, 30 May 2000 07:41:46 -1000
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Casandra Vasu <>
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Casandra Vasu wrote:
> I wrote you awhile back, praising your website and my opinions also
> against the so-called curator of the SoHo Art Gallery. I just wanted to
> update you on what is occuring with it now in case you were oblivious to
> the fact. He says that graphics are not art, that they aren't because
> they can be anything from a computer-altered image to so on and so on.
> Well, he's offering a contest for the gallery, and whoever wins (more or
> less, anyone who paints what he and he alone thinks is best) receives a
> free scanner. As anyone knows, what do you do with a scanner? You copy
> pictures. And by doing so, you alter them even ever so minutely with
> your computer. So how hypocritical is that? Very, I think. Besides, this
> sort of "power" he is trying to wield is sickening. Sure, we've all
> heard of contests in the art world, Venice Biennale and so on, but
> aren't there always a panel of judges? This is just one person saying
> what is good and what isn't. Isn't that disgusting? I must admit, I had
> the very unfortunate, unfortunate pleasure of knowing this curator on a
> personal level, but that doesn't stop me from writing you as a curator
> and critic myself. I do so in only those ways, though I must say him as
> a person isn't much better. Sorry if you didn't want to hear any of
> this, but perhaps it would do something for your fight to get him off of
> geocities. That was your intent, no? Thanks for listening anyway.
> -Fingrrrl



Dear Casandra,

Wow, it's been a l o n g time. Are you still very active with
Geocities, now the property of Yahoo? My life situation seems to
changed. Don't ride into Geo much these days, careless about whether
some self-anointed "curator" considers digital art "art" or not. If it
still isn't "art" in Geocities it demonstrates how archaic Geocities is
in the lst place! Maybe after this run in with anti-art sentiment at the
top was the reason I lost interest in the site. Yahoo is into making
profits, Geo dwellers are basically viewed as eyeballs who have the
potential to buy stuff. Hate all these java banner ads that attack the
senses anytime one opens a Geo page. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, continues its merry way expanding the repertoire of works
that represent digital art work that I admire. The mission continues,
the legacy grows, as I continue to "curate" (just a matter of not being
able to show it all and boy has it proliferated on the Web in the last
few years) to provide a truly virtual web digital art showcase with the
diginity of a museum for all Web citizens. We all need intrinsic culture
online where we spend so much time; without the hype, the pitch. What's
your url? Want come visit your site at this time. Hey, thanks for
writing and keep the faith. It's a new millennium and art changes with

Warm Regards,