Got nerve?

I never responded to write something about him as curator of
BUT we could use a digital artist in our world shows, so hard to find anybody in Africa!

Invite him to join up in our India show going to New York. You're now the curator from Calcutta Use that rank, under your name at the bottom of email invite.
Later, when in our "family of cyberartists" we can try to move show from New York to very Exotic Africa!

Good luck.
Don't you wish Saringa was working already to she could do this along with so many opportunities that come along?


>Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 05:33:23 -1000
>Subject: paul du toit - South Africa
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>>Subject: paul du toit - South Africa
>>Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 11:22:03 +0200
>> Dear Dr Rodney Chang, My name is Paul du Toit. I am a painter,
>>sculptor and film/video artist born in Johannesburg and now living in Cape
>>Town South Africa. I am in the process of putting a catalogue together on
>>my work. This catalogue will accompany various proposals for international
>>museum exhibitions. I would be honoured if you could contribute an essay
>>about my work for publication in my catalogue. I have recently
>>produced a short film called .origins.of.modern.human:channel surfing. The
>>first video installation took place at the South African National Gallery
>>on 5 November 1999. I have added the Director's Notes from the event
>>programme to this document. More information can also be obtained from
>>my web site : One of the contribution essays
>> already received: Paul du Toit Essay
>>By Professor Mark Jurey
>>I left the Picasso museum in Paris in a Bart Simpson funk. I had the feeling
>>that I was being conned. How many examples of male genitalia and pubescent
>>hormone problems can one endure before noon. Paul du Toit's work may look
>>like Picasso's, but, unlike the Macho Man, it has the energy and feel of a
>>first hand experience.
>>Having discovered his painting and sculpture, I was surprised to find that
>>Paul shows the expressive character and clarity of a true primitive. Much of
>>Picasso's work was influenced by pre-literate masks and sculpture, but it
>>usually oozes with the self conscious, ego driven, politically correct, look
>>of a fake. Pablo was playing visual games with second hand imagery.
>>But, Paul du Toit seems to have real contact with the loony evolution of the
>>Universe and is able to express this connection in his work. His untainted
>>eye sees clearly and he obviously has none of the hang-ups of an
>>academically trained artist. The line is quick and honest. The sense of
>>balance and harmony complete. If his work reminds us of Bart Simpson, it may
>>"" aspects of our media mad
>>After a quiet morning spent in a garden of Mir&oacute; sculpture, I feel
>>smile knowingly at the world around me. But, happy art has rarely been taken
>>seriously and I suspect that Paul, like Mir&oacute; and Bart, will always
>>have this
>>problem. Humor, like first hand knowledge and honesty, will always be
>>politically incorrect. Standing in Los Angeles, media and hype capital of
>>the world, it looks like Paul du Toit may be the real thing.
>>&copy; 10/99
>>Mark Jurey
>>Professor of art
>>California State University Northridge
>> ----------------------------------------------- Short Film Video
>>Installation Origins.of.Modern.Human : Channel surfing 1999 1.24 mins
>>animated Film collage of acrylic paintings on canvas, sculptures,
>>photographs from the artist's collection and computer manipulated images
>>transferred to video. Director's Notes "" world. Past exhibitions
>>involving paintings and sculptures like Colonizing PlanetPaul, have dealt
>>with the theory that evolution by natural selection can no longer take
>>place because of our intervention, unless we colonize another planet.
>>Where we go from here is up to us. My work has taken on a variety of
>>forms - paintings, sculpture, digital animations and images reworked for
>>video. The second source of the project is to be found in my desire to
>>construct the most basic form of animated film and examination of audio
>>visual technology. This is my first experience of working with images in
>>motion, and the discoveries have been enormous. It has opened up the
>>possibility of a new journey of exploration into the unknown mysteries
>>left behind by those who went before. The third source involves aspects
>>of our media mad culture, hence the title Channel Surfing. The video
>>streaming sequence communicates in the form of information down loaded
>>during the film's running time. Origins.of.Modern.Human : Channel
>>Surfing, programme notes The South African National Gallery, Cape Town,
>>1999 Sincerely, Paul du Toit
>>Independent Contemporary Artist
>>+27 (0)21 790 1514
>> web site: e-mail:
>> PlanetPaul (PTY) LTD P.O.Box 26104 Hout Bay 7872 Cape Town South Africa