Hi Rodney
you see,who is looking after the future of the Canadian Cyberartists?
If you know some Canadians I don't know please let them know.
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From: Merike Lugus & Rod Anderson <Merike&Rod@CdnArtistsOnWeb.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 8:02 PM
Subject: New category of digital artist added

> Hi artists in our "Canadian Artists on the Web" database:
> Yes, I know I said I wouldn't keep pestering you with too many e-mail
> But I just wanted to tell you that we have the new category of "digital
> artist" operational for classifications within the CAW database.
> This came in part from the prompting of one of our listed artists, Ansgard
> Thomson, who suggested (quite rightly) that we had better include some of
> the leading-edge stuff if we're about to move into the next millennium. So
> -- welcome, digital artists!
> I have gone through and added the classification to those of you to whom
> seemed to obviously apply. But I might have left someone out. (I did it
> simply by searching for "digital" and/or "computer" in the media field) --
> so if you called yourslef a cyber-artist instead, I might have missed you.
> So -- if you feel that the category of "digital artist" should be added to
> your oen CAW entry, please let me know.
> In the case of photography I am not completely certain. Clearly one can
> take traditional photographs useing a "digital" camera -- and this
> presumably does not make one a "digital artist". But many of the
> photographers on this list are also manipulating the end result on the
> computer to some extent -- and in those cases I would assume that the
> category of "digital artist" WOULD apply. In any case, let me know if you
> feel your classifications -- as they NOW appear in the CAW database (check
> before responding) -- should be revised.
> Cheers,
> ---Rod Anderson
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