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Dear Dr. Chang: Many thanks for the opportunity to view your new work. The
work is so interesting - even viewing it on my tiny computer screen.
We were also happy to hear about your work. The exhibition in India sounds
very exciting and we would love to include the news in the next issue of
Network: People, News, and Notes, scheduled for a late winter publication
We are so glad you liked the cover with Stephanie's work on it. It was a
huge departure for us, but hope to use learner/alum artwork in upcoming
issues. At this juncture, we have not come to any decision about the next
issue, nor the one after that. If I could reserve my response until we know
more, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Many thanks for your note and for sending me the images. Good luck with the
exhibition. Keep us informed!

Carolyn Krause
Publications Manager
The Union Institute
440 East McMillan Street
Cincinnati, OH 45206-1925
513-861-6400, ext. 1165
800-486-3116, ext. 1165
After hours: 513-861-9950, ext. 1165
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        Subject:    Application for Placement of Art on Network

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>> Dear Editor,

        I saw Stephanie Reese's computer graphics on the Summer 1999
cover of

        PLEASE review my submitted handpainted "digita art"
submitted for a
        future Network cover. No royalty need be paid although I,
the artist,
        maintains copyright ownership.

        I am satisfied that the works fulfill my long term effort to
        traditional painting with digital image processing. These
two pieces,
        along with other works, will be the featured work of India's
        digital art exhibition that I am currently organizing.
Gallery shows,
        both in Bombay and Calcutta, are supported by digital art
        enthusiasts who do not want to see 20th Century digital art
pass them
        by. I will personally travel for the openings in December
(Y2K time!)
        and be the featured artist for the events.

        Hope to hear a "yes" or "no" from your editorial staff.


        Dr.Rodney Chang (aka as Pygoya on the Web, @
        Ph.D., Art Psychology, 1980, Union Institute


Subject: Yet another exciting email from CyberartLand!
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Hi again,

Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Here's a dream that crashed along the way. It was written in 1992,
before the availability of cyberspace. So it is a historical note to
what I, as a digital artist, was planning for the year 2000, before the
Web came along. For the records, ended up with around 200, down $100,000
paid to painters! Got married, couldn't afford this project anymore.

To see the digital art as actual paint on canvases (this should really
confuse your disbelieving of digital art as fine arts) bookmark (you
can't see it all at one time, especially without a fine glass of wine
and disco background music!) -

By the way, is Australia along the way?

Off to India in December, having organized that country's lst digital
art show, just beating out 2000! I don't know if I travel, stop over, in
Australia, Philippines or Tokyo from Hawaii where I live. If Aussie,
maybe we could meet at the airport while the plane refuels.

Hey maybe if your digital art matures quickly, you can come along to
India as the digital artist representing Australia! Calcutta and

Hey, we share opportunties in cyberspace and as digitalized artists.
Freak out your friends and tell 'um - "want to come along? invited to
display my digital art in India"


Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 11:03:20 -1000

To: Yogi Chopra <>
Subject: Famous Indian Artist Revealed! -Pygoya

Dear Yogi,

Here's the national treasure Indian artist's name, friend of my Honolulu
medical doctor-


Was told by Dr. Huja that this is a famous family of artists. Have you
heard of them? Hope you can call or contact somehow to ask support for
our shows. Maybe even enlighten further with Internet site review as
she/they only have my Shanghai Museum catalog and some prints sent by my

Good luck,


Fri, 3 Sep 1999 14:44:46 +1000

Back again ....caffeine kicking in ...

What a lovely way to spend a day ...Through the Looking Glass ...
In Wonderland.
The opportunities are awesome .
I'll just pause for a moment Rodney to explain the situation here..
For the past three months I have been writing for a children's web-site in
Bombay, educational
Australian stories, illustrated, one per week, to broaden young Indian minds
how life is here in Australia. , stories are under 'Peep into Australia,' or
'Linda's Corner.'

This I thoroughly enjoyed, but it was very time consuming and it was a
labour of love,
there was no payment for the work
So, as a result, at the moment I am stony -broke, to use an Aussie term
Now I need to find an income
Rodney, I would dearly love to be part of the 'happenings', firstly must
have the fare.
So meanwhile, I will focus upon improving my digital skills between now and

I know that India and Hawaii are not out of reach.
My enthusiasm will get me there !!!
Besides, I would so enjoy freaking-out my small-town friends ...

So pencil me in please,
I'll keep you up-to-date on my progress

Bye for now, Thanks for your kind support and your inspiration

over and out matey
stargazer 101

Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 11:48:53 -1000
From: Pygoya <>

Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 14:09:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shubhojoy Mitra <>
Subject: Re: draft
To: Yogi Chopra <>

Dear Yogi,

Sorry for the delay, got a little busy with some
official work. Here's the draft I wrote with
Microsoft in mind. We can also send it to AOL, etc.
as Pygoya suggested. Hope it's ok. If there is
anything I missed out, sentiments not conveyed as you
feel it should be, please make the necessary changes.
A copy is going to Pygoya too so he can also point
out necessary changes/rephrasing it. Naturally this
should not be treated as the final and everybody's
opinion will make it better. Maybe it's too long. Or
maybe we need to elaborate some points.

Meanwhile I got the opportunity to talk to one
gallery owner and hope to meet a couple of more this

warm regards


Subject:To the committee on grant application

Dear Director of Grant Proposal Reviews,

We are a couple of artists from Mumbai(Bombay) and
Calcutta, India who have been working with computers
to create digital paintings for the last three years.
As you must be surely aware that the digital
revolution has touched the lives of many artists
worldwide, we would like your help in organizing an
exhibition of digital art as a part of our effort to
popularize this new and exciting form of creative
expression among artists as well as the general
public in our country.

Very few people in our country are aware that
computers are being used as a major, if not the
primary tool by many painters. While it is true that
most professional designers rely solely on computer
generated artwork for both traditional and electronic
media, the majority of our country's talented artists
are not aware of the potential of computers and
graphic software tools in the field of aesthetic

Only a few well-known artists who are already
renowned for their distinct fusion of traditional
Indian art and the modern reality of the subcontinent
have experimented with computer-generated images.
But, by and large, the artistically inclined do not
think that computers have anything to do with
painting or sculpture or are simply not aware of the
technological advancements which could, to borrow
from the popular slogan, unleash their creativity as
never before.

Therefore we believe that it will surely be a very
rewarding experience to see Indian artists seriously
make use of digital tools in the future. For sometime
now, we have been in touch with artists from your
country, thanks to the Internet, and in our
meaningful exchange of ideas and thoughts across the
continents, we realized that time is ripe for holding
an art exhibition exclusively dedicated to digital
art in India. Orginally the idea was proposed by
Pygoya (Dr. Rodney Chang) from Hawaii that a
Millenium Art Show on digital creations could be a
step towards the right direction. Now we have about
___ artists from U.S.A, Canada, Yugoslovakia, ...etc.
who are willing to travel to India to hold the
exhibition in December 1999 or January 2000. The
proposed exhibition could shift its venue from one
city to another after a couple of weeks.

Katy Sabo, director of Maui Giclee fine arts
publishing company ( which
specializes in high quality Giclee art prints,
proposes to hold a session of talks concurrently with
the art exhibition on how printing technology can be
used by digital artists for printing their work.
Along with her, Larry Lovett, MSEd from Columbia
University, New York and the first digital artist
from Hawaii wishes to deliver a lecture on "History
of Digital Art in America", a subject which will
surely be a great eye-opener for our artistic
community and art connoiseurs. We feel that these
events will be covered by the press as the first of
its kind in the country and could be the catalyst for
bringing about a change of outlook among people about
the use of digital tools, particularly in fields of
art education, graphic arts and usage of the latest
graphic software and hardware.

So we are writing this joint letter to you in hopes
that you would consider sponsoring our project and
making it possible for Larry Lovett to travel and
deliver the lecture on digital art history. Following
are the list of events in which we would greatly
appreciate your help:

> Lecture tour and travel costs for Larry Lovett.
> Organizing seminar/conference hall for talk on
digital art history of USA
> Exhibition space at art gallery [---unless gallery
owner agrees to bear the costs --]
> Printing exhibition catalogues
> Domain for concurrent virtual exhibition

Until now we have not decided on the exhibition's
title and are open to suggestions by you. "Millenium
Art Show" is one proposal while "The Ist
International Digital Art Show of the Millenium"
could also prove to be a crowd-puller. If your
reputed organization helps us in our endeavour, we
would be only too glad to acknowledge your generous
gesture by publicizing your establishment's name as
the organizers [-- or sponsors? --] of the event.

Thank you for your time spent in reading this letter.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Yogesh Chopra (co-ordinator, Mumbai)
[--personal intro--]
Address:[--- please add --]

URL of online gallery:

Mr. Shubhojoy Mitra (co-ordinator, Calcutta)
web-designer and digital artist
E/1, 547, Garia Gardens,
Calcutta 700084
Phone: 91 33 435 8932
URL of online gallery:
(Virtual Gallery)

==== Visiting artists ======

Pygoya (Dr. Rodney Chang)
[--personal intro--]

URL of online gallery:

etc. --- etc.



Both Calcutta and Bombay are cities which are vibrant
centres of contemporary Indian art and have a history
of artistic trends. If New Delhi is the political
capital of India, Calcutta has often been called the
it's cultural capital. Some of the pioneers of modern
Indian art who broke away from western academic
discipline to give birth to what is known as the
Bengal School of painting in the early part of 19th
century were based in the city. In the later years,
there has been no lack of creative endeavours here
and film-makers like Ritwick Ghatak and Satyajit Ray
who need no introduction to art lovers worldwide,
hail from this 300 year old metro.

Bombay has a thriving cosmopolitan millieu today and
can perhaps be called India's "Manhattan" with most
of the top corporate headquarters of the country
situated within its limits. There too, artistic
activity has thrived over many decades and many of
the best contemporary Indian painters like M. F.
Hussain prefer to reside there for best part of the
year. The city also has a mature commercial market
for art where every artist, both young and
well-established like to exhibit their work at least
once, if not many times during the course of their

Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 04:14:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shubhojoy Mitra <>
Subject: new developments
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Hi Pygoya,

Hope you have received the copy of draft for grant
proposal. I have never composed one so I am not sure
about its general tone, etc. Please advice on
rephrasing, adding or deleting points, etc. Then we
can go ahead and mail it to the respective company
officials both by e-mail and snail mail as agreed.

On the gallery front, I was able to meet the
proprietor of Chitrakoot Art Gallery
(, Mr. Prakash Kejriwal, an
art collector and dealer well known in Calcutta
circles. I sounded him about our plans but he says
he's booked till about mid-February. After that,
there is a possibility. However he did not sound very
enthuisiastic about digital art. "Nobody buys digital
art here". I pointed out that the high quality Giclee
prints have a good market in USA.

Anyway, he has promised to look at our work online.
He plans to leave for London after 15 days on
business and will be back after a month. After that I
begin working with him for re-designing his art
gallery online. Perhaps you could write to him
personally also and elaborate on our plans.

As private galleries are expensive for holding an
exhibition, I have even thought of contributing to
the digital show costs by making a deal in which I
offer my web designing services for 50% cost or even
the full amount for the digital art exhibition.
Unless, of course, we can get the sponsors to provide
us the necessary funds.

Meanwhile I have spoken to a person who has good
relations with two galleries which are
internationalizing their shows in the recent years
(CIMA and Galerie88). He has promised to talk to the
gallery owners to initiate further talks and I expect
to hear from him in a couple of days. If that doesn't
work out, I'll go to them directly and try my luck.
Here again, the website services, besides our group's
joint efforts might be the last resort. At any rate,
I want to really make this exhibition a success. Give
me some more time. Things in Calcutta work in a very
laid back manner although that is not what I like.
But I guess if we can keep at it, we will surely be

I'll keep you informed.
Warm regards,


Dear Shubhojoy,

Thank you for the update on your efforts in Calcutta. Sure you have more
time! Katy I believe is writing a supportive letter than can be included
with your grant proposal for EITHER the Microsoft Historic lst India
Digital Art Exhibition or the AOL Historic lst India Digital Art
Exhibition. Or such.

Too bad about Mr. Kejriwal. Of course there's always chance for Feb
2000 follow up show. Keep future doors open....

You are generous to donate % of your income for web publishing. Maybe
some company that you do publishing for could take your discount and use
the usual costs to donate for your publishing company's sponsoring
digital art show. Put YOUR publishing company name in exhibition name
instead of MSFT or AOL if these are rejections for $. Just another

The grant draft looks fine. I sent to Katy also for review. Send final
to me and I will review again. I think send 3 copies, l email, l
snailmail and l copy to Bill & (wife name) Gates residency (search Web).
If 'too late' maybe top guys can such tell their managers to 'do it, we
want to help'. Money is power in high tech world too.

"Nobody buys digital art here" - Kejriwal, art collector,dealer in

See, I am 'learning' about digital art in India already!

Good luck for this week. Thank you again from all digital artists of the
planet for you sacrifice of personal time to represent us and help
establish a future for the art in your country.

Warm regards,

Sun, 5 Sep 1999 03:00:41 -0700 (PDT)
Shubhojoy Mitra <>

Hi Rodney:

Can I call you Rodney?

Got your additions to the draft today and forwarded
it to Yogi. For some strange reason I am receiving
mail about two or three days late. You sent it to me
on Friday and I got the mail on Sunday morning along
with Yogi's mail on Thursday. Anyway, I wrote to Yogi
asking him to prepare the final with all relevant
additions and send the final to us. After that either
me or Yogi can send the final e-mail to Microsoft
directly and prepare the snail mail copy. After that
is signed by us, we can sent it to you for signing
and adding Katy Sabo's recommendations as addendum.

We need the e-mail address for Microsoft's grant
dept. and cc: to Bill Gates?

Meanwhile Yogi seems to be a bit busy but there's
some great news: he has secured a gallery for the
show at Bombay already! I guess we can now pinpoint
the dates for the show too.

Until later,
bye for now,

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 13:21:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shubhojoy Mitra <>
Subject: Re: hi there
To: Yogi Chopra <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Hi Yogi,

Good to hear from you ... and about the time too!
Well, I owe you (and Dr.Chang) an apology for not
getting in touch sooner. At my end, I have had a
really very trying time at my workplace: certain work
have to be completed in a stipulated time, before the
Pujas and I am doubly responsible as both the project
leader and graphic designer/content generator. You
know what the Durga Puja are like in this state: for
Bengalis, its the equivalent of Ganesh Puja or even
Christmas. Besides I have to do with some really lazy
staff. Add to that a couple of web/electronic
publishing and database projects in freelance for
which I have to take care of the marketing as well!
Actually I am quite enjoying almost every bit of it
but that has made me a little stressed just out of
sheer physical exertion!

Anyway, I am so glad that you have arranged for the
Mumbai gallery. As for Calcutta, I received a setback
because an old contact at Oxford Gallery seems to
have changed his position and there's a new lady in
her place. Another gallery owner was not very
enthusiastic about digital art and has his gallery
booked until mid-February anyway.

I am meeting the lady at Oxford Gallery tomorrow
afternoon. I find Oxford gallery is the best place
for the Millenium Show. Also, two other galleries
(Galerie 88 and Cima) are on my list but I just
couldn't squeeze in the time to visit those two
places. However, since this week, I am on the final
content writing phase of a portal website we have
been working on at my workplace, I'll get the chance
to go to those two galleries for writing the art
review section. Although I'd have liked to meet these
people to discuss the Millenium Art Exhibition
exclusively, I simply have no choice but to do two
things at one go. Since they are quite separate
unrelated projects, I don't think that'll be bad
strategy either.

About the draft letter, I am sorry for getting your
name wrong!!! That is an unpardonable offense! I
imagined having read your full name to be Yogesh and
Yogi to be its short form or Internet
Pygoya! Please ignore this mistake!!! Rodney asked me
to lookup the gates foundation website and get to
know the procedure for applying through e-mail.
Funnily, after I received his mail, I could not log
on to that website until only a couple of days ago.
Anyway, since now I have been there and reviewed the
information about applying for grants, I'll send that
e-mail to precede our snail mail version. But please
send me the draft proposal with the mistakes
corrected/changes incorporated so I can proceed.

At the same time, I need to clarify certain points
about grants by the foundation before I mail the
letter. Rodney already sent me his changes. So I'll
establish connection with the folks at Gates
Foundation with a query or two and then go ahead as

Yogi, I am so glad that you got back to me. I share
your enthusiasm about the Millenium Art Show. And
with Pygoya's support, vision and inspiration, I
think we have great things ahead if only we can do
our little bit for digital art. I was planning to
write to Rodney only today feeling guilty about not
keeping him posted about my efforts: I'd have to heap
a lot excuses anyway. But I guess things will work
out sooner. In fact your letter is a great help. I am
sending a copy of this reply to him so he gets to
know our positions. Must have been thinking what are
these Indians upto ?!!!

Got to get back to work!!!


Digitally yours

---Yogi Chopra <> wrote:
> Dear Shubhojoy,
> hi there...whats up!
> Well not much news from my side ...i have
contacted a few people for
> sponsors and im still waiting for their computer was
> giving me a few problems in connnecting and further
my a/c exhausted..i
> have to still renew im writing from a cyber
cafe..i hope ur as
> enthusiastic about the exhibition as u were b4.
> I liked the draft but a few changes have to be name is
> Yogi.Chopra and not Yogesh and u have to add
"Digital artist" with
> co-ordinator of Mumbai exhibit and my site URL
too...there a few more
> changes i dont remember now.
> I shall get back to as soon as possible.
> Regards,
> Yogi.C
> Sincerely dedicated to Digital Art evolution in


Sun, 19 Sep 1999 00:05:25 -0700 (PDT)
Shubhojoy Mitra <>

Hello Rodney,

Thanks for the intro article by Larry Lovett. Reading
it is an inspiration. Especially after yesterday's
experience. I went to meet the proprietor of Galerie
88 and ask her if she would be interested in
exhibiting digital art. I introduced myself as a
webdesigner to begin with. Before I could even speak
another word, she gave me a look that told me she was
thinking something in the lines of: "Oh no, not one
of those young 'computer specialists' who go about
calling themselves graphic designer or digital
artists or whatever...again!!!" Aloud, she said, "No,
we are not interested in websites ... that's not the
sort of thing we'd go for..." and shook her head
smiling a crooked grin.

What can one say to a person like that?! She seems
quite contented with her band of aging artists who
keep supplying her temperas and oils which either
look like lifts from Klee's albums or portray dark,
gloomy corners with an equally darkened face of a
woman beneath the branch of tree growing out of some
indistinct ruins. If you have seen one tableau, you
have seen it all! All this displayed in full gallery
lights in a spic-and-span glass and concrete upmarket
commercial building. And "kurta"-clad, short bearded
artists sitting around in tastefully ethnic wooden
chairs, sipping lemon tea and discussing century old
poems and the "degenerate" modern culture.

Well, I told her I had not come to do any sort of
marketing for websites but I wanted to discuss an art
exhibition in which foreign artists..." We don't
exhibit foreigners". That was a blatant lie. She had
recently put up works by three diplomats resident in
the city (Australian, Dutch, etc.). Of course,
diplomats I suppose, are not really foreign, being
world citizens, and whether their expertise in
emigration formalities or issuing visas has got
anything to do with Indian Art is probably a question
that is best ignored. I was already sorry I ever
thought of this place. Well, thanks anyway.

It was very unnerving although not altogether an
unexpected response. Maybe I was carried away by my
enthusaism with digital art. Anyway, this actually
has made me even more resolute. The next stop is
Oxford Gallery, the bookshop, cybercafe and art
gallery you were interested in. I found out that Mr.
Chatterjee is no more around and a Mrs. Bhagwat is
now in charge of the place. I can only meet her on
Tuesday morning because tomorrow she will be out as
her assistant/co-worker told me when I went to buy a
new Net ISP a/c at their shop.

Do you think you could write an introductory e-mail
to her directly while I go and meet her? I'll find
out her e-mail address and send it to you asap. So,
when I meet her, she will already be ready with some
information about our interest in the show.

Meanwhile recvd. letter from Kolja Tatic. Sent me a
nice picture too.

Until later,


Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 12:38:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Yogi Chopra <>
Subject: Hello!Sir
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="0-1804289383-938029083=:27192"

Dear Rodney,
This e-mail will surely give u a better idea
about the art aspect of Mumbai (Bombay). Today was a
very eventful day and I came across many interesting
people who have considerably encouraged me for our
Millenium show. I have finalized on the Gallery and
personally spoken to the owner. She is a very nice
lady who has made me realize and given me a few tips
in altering our plans for the show. I had finalized on
the date 19 to 26 December as 14-19 has been already
taken by someone else. I told her about our show and
the basic motive behind it…she has given a few wise
suggestions which make a lot of sense. The available
dates (19-26) might just not be right for our event as
we might loose on a lot of crowd as many are leaving
Bombay for the hyped Millenium New Year
celebrations….the date 17 to 23 of January 2000 seem
appropriate for our show as the gallery is available
on those days and there is an Art festival starting
from 1st Feb called the Kala Ghoda festival … is a
very crucial month. We can generate a lot of crowd
during this time of the year. As I have mentioned u
before the area where we are having the exhibition is
the Art center of Bombay and the area has many
prestigious galleries and Museums. The festival is a
very important event and it covers all the aspects of
art (music, sculpting, films etc). Well I was very
lucky I came across the lady who is the head in charge
of the festival and she has encouraged me to become a
member of the Kala Ghoda association which will help
me to acquire the pavement space where we can have a
small information center during our Millenium art show
which will help us in concentrating the crowd to our
show. Everything is happening just the way we want it
by the grace of God. Now it is totally on you what u
feel of the whole idea and whether it is possible for
you to come during this time. You can now even
celebrate Christmas with your family and you can stop
worrying about the Y2k problem. If you are able to
come during this period you will get the opportunity
to witness Bombay’s prestigious “Kala Ghoda Art
Festival”. I am sending you some more information
about the festival. I shall keep u updated about the
further developments in the plan.

Yogi Chopra