Sun, 22 Aug 1999 21:13:21 -0700 (PDT)
Shubhojoy Mitra <>

Hi Pygoya,

I am excited at the prospect of exhibiting at the
Millenium show ---
great!!! Whether it is held at Bombay or Calcutta or
at both cities, it should be an interesting to get
together of digital artists in the country and abroad.

I will approach the gallery owners/curators this week
and sound them about our plans. About your
gift/donation, I'll talk to the museums/galleries who
maintain a permanent gallery. It's a very encouraging
gesture and I am sure they'll appreciate it very much.

I can begin designing the interface for the
concurrent digital show starting today, but let's
wait for Yogi's thoughts, ideas, etc. on the should be an interesting collaborative
work done across the country as well as abroad!!!

Thanks for putting up "scrollscape" at Cyberculture
Art Museum. I am greatly honoured to say the least!

Am planning to put up some new work at the digital
gallery soon as well as posting my older work
(coloured inks, etc.) at my homepage. Will let you
know when.

Checking out your work at gardiana now... the gallery
looks cool.

Until later

Shubhojoy Mitra <>

Dear Shubho,

Your enthusiasm and excitement is felt all the way to my site of the
planet. Great! This is what we need for things to happen and for a
quality event. Thanks for starting up design planning for our online
show in support of the real exhibit in India. It could serve as a
"brochure" for the show besides virtual gallery mirroring the show and
historical documentation of India's lst international digital art show.
Should include photos of the gallery(-ies) street front appearance(s),
some of the hung art and people at the opening reception party (like
you, Yogi and myself along with gallery directors and hopefully museum
dignitaries). In your press release to tv and newspaper the online
gallery url can be included.

I think Scrollscape looks really nice in vrml. Looking forward to
seeing new works at your site.

Keep the faith!

To: Yogi Chopra <>
Subject: Re: The India Millenium International Digital Art Exhibition
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Hi Yogi,

Consider writing a quick grant proposal to the richest foundation(man)
in the world via the internet, the Bill and Melissa Foundation. They
have 17 billion dollars to help mankind.

A letter from a citizen of India is much better than from a American.
Emphasize this is the first international digital art event and exposure
to computer fine arts for the Indian people. Remember, Gates is THE MAN
(Microsoft) who can gain by any exposure anywhere in the world in
regards to high technology. A cultural application and association
using his technology assist his interests. Think: This show sponsored
by Microsoft and the Gates Foundation. Try for a couple thousand
dollars to include comfortable accomodation for participants.

Right now maybe Yugloslavian, Russian, 3 Americans (including myself),
and a few pieces from Canadian (at 76, too frail to travel but "oldest
Canadian digital artist). German and Taiwanese are out.

Warm regards,

Subject: [Fwd: Re: The India Millenium International Digital Art Exhibition]
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HI Mitra,

Maybe you can assist Yogi on this free money grant effort. Got to get it
done in August for any chance of a check from them. Join forces, find a
nonprofit cultural organization to get involved in our efforts. Write
the grant proposal (use internet address and send snailmail copy too),
then have organization officer sign it. Maybe include the possibility of
using grant money to truck in some young students to see shows from
their schools. Also suggest you want to use money to make a published
(hardcopy) catalog of the historic show. Maybe consider to them you plan
to call it the "Microsoft India International Millenium Digital Art

Try to secure a couple hundred dollars to I can bring in a guest speaker
on "Digital Art History in the United States". This will help my
friend, Larry Lovett, MSEd from Columbia University, New York, pay for
his trip to India. He's a great lecturer and was Hawaii's lst computer
artist (I am second) and had a solo show at the famous Smithsonian
Institute in Washington DC. Need to find a room in a school or public
place like a library for this. Maybe charge admission fee? He'll need
slide projector, computer with Internet capability, tape recorder so he
can play his public television computer art animations. He was the
producer and director of this tv show. He would also be great to give
opening reception speech on behalf of the international digital artists
to the Indian audiences and dignitaries.

Good luck,

From: "Kolja Tatic" <kolja.t@EUnet.yu>
To: "pygoya" <>
Subject: Re: your artwork sent
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 00:15:51 +0200
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Hello my friend,

>Details- the most important- artist MUST go to India for reception
>opening. Can you? It's in December 1999. I must travel from other side
>of planet, you are closer.

Hmmm... You are closer...because of my dusty country... You understand me...
I'm thinking about travel... It's probably difficult, but I want to try...
So...more details about show? Please, if you can... :)

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 09:11:14 -1000

Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Hiya Rodney,
> I was really thrilled to receive ur mails; that too 7-8 of them in one
> night!...trying to keep pace with yu. So al last looks like u r truly
> interested in making it to India. I do acknwledge that India ia indeed
> a poor country but basic amneties and faciltiies are available aplenty
> here esp. for tourists.
> Given that u r able to afford $1000-1500 (preferably $1500) you can
> avail of all the luxuryand besides, with $1500 in hand, u cud also be
> able to shell out some money for our show! also rmember, u r my guest
> here, so pls. dont worry ur head off about ur safety...and diseases
> aren't sooo easy to contract out here... I havent ever been afflicted
> with any of them !
> I understand your point about the beggars but the scene is not so bad..
> and i dont foresee u having to face any embarassment. Tourists in India
> have the option of drinking Mineral water which will cost the bare
> minimumand if not anything else, my house water is perfectly safe to
> drink.!!!!!!
> What is the exchange rate for a dollar?
> The indian currency is Rupees(Rs.) and smaller denominations r called
> Paise(ps.)
> Presently, 1 $=Rs.43 in India. which makes India a damn cheap place for
> u americans...
> Mumbai has many a noteworthy place for clicking Photographs.which can b
> used for ur website. In December, the weather out here is warm/hot and
> the nights are cool/pleasant. So u wont have to carry really heavy
> clothing, just maybe a couple of sweaters for the extra chill nights.
> otherwise light cottons and normal clothing will be just fine.
> Calcutta is pretty far off from Mumbai. U cud check out a map of India
> for more precision.The airfare from Mumbai- Calcutta wud be around
> $300.
> Well, the food is really great out here; there an amazing variety of
> cuisines from all parts of the country, and also from around the world.
> Yes curries r also available and realyy delicious ones at that. So u
> like spicy food?...or Burgers?....and if ot anything else a Mac Donalds
> outlet is always there!!!!!!
> as regards the Y2K problem, claims are that the Indian govt,. has taken
> measures to tackle any difficulty in Airports.
> ou r alwayswelcome at my place esp. cos my family and friends will be
> very happy to meet you..........U see Indians are a very hospitable
> people....
> Well i wont be able to sponsor ur trip in Mumbai and i am looking for
> sponsors for our exhibition and promotions with various with various
> print media etc. which will take a good amt. of money. Also never
> wanted to have an exhibition with inkjet outputs... i always intended
> to take very good quality outputs .....i was just using that as an
> example to show that if inkjet outputs can bring in so much funds then
> we too stand a good chance with good quality prints. And thats one for
> the reasons we need good sponsorships
> Just grant me one more week and i'l keep u posted on devlopments about
> the gallery.
> u can very well invite other artists to India but pls wait for my final
> confirmation about the gallery and sponsorships which I am confident of
> ......once I get a good sponsor then I will be assured of a BIG EVENT
> with lots of promotionsand print media coverage .
> well, i wish to remind u that ankurs show is b/w (14-20 DEc.. ) so we
> will have ours only after his around.....17-22 dec. or 18-23 dec.
> I will send u the next email about the print company and Katy.ok?
> i am herewith sending the name of a site which will give u an insight
> into Bobay and ways of life out here; the culture of the city et al.
> Take time and browse the site at leisure and let me know if u want more
> info. om Bombay( now Mumbai).
> keep me posted on developments
> Yogi

From: Pygoya <>
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To: Yogi Chopra <>
Subject: Re:
References: <>
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Hiya Yogi,

What a wonderful and informative email from you/India to start the week

I'm sure Mitra has connected with you at this point and he too says he
will have a busy week working on our event in his Calcutta.

I am honored to be a guest in your family. I leave all accomodation
options open at this point. The doctor also invited me to stay at his
father's house, somewhere close to Bombay. Then there's hotels and if
other artists join in, then I may stay with them. Yes, I'm 60% likely
at this point to COME to India.

Shucks, my poor memory thought Ankur's show is in November. Now if we go
after him I'll find myself closer to Dec. 31 in some airport and long
flight 1/3 around the planet. Not too smart! Why not forget the gallery
Ankur has secured for HIMSELF. I would much rather do something else
somewhere else. There just must be some other exhibit space besides HIS
gallery. Look more.

Consider this - post images online at artists' websites with necessary
file size. You download, and PRINT. Consider laser copy prints - heard
they are very nice and lasting in ink quality. THEN I could invite more
artists from around the world with my virtual curator position. Only a
hand full need actually come to experience your fascinating country.
Check out "gregory hoose" (use my site's search engine) - you'll see
from his bio he's a true Yoga + other Indian intectuall disciplines
student and "master". Most likely he'll come. From the farm belt of
America - state of Iowa.

No political problem with visas for a great digital artist to come to
India from Yugoslavia? Just had this war thing. How about Russian to

GOD, you mean there's BIG MACs in India too. How decadent! But I guess
it's safe food to eat for an American with a sensitive stomach like

Yeah, I'm good for $1500. We need to try to get Larry Lovett a spot
lecturing about "Digital Art History in America". He's great in front of
an audience and lecturer. Was a college teacher. HAd show at Smithsonian
Institute in American DC capital, graduated from presitegous Columbia
Uniersity in New York with masters in art education. I think a couple
hundred of dollars would be appropriate to book him to lecture at some
fine arts department of a university. Even through the art history
department. He is the perfect guy to give public welcoming speech to
dignitaries, thank the Indian people for this opportunity to share the
world's digital art at this turn of the millenium, nice actor face for
tv news. Also consider working with Mitra to get some of Bill Gates
(Microsoft) 17 billion dollars(!) in his help humanity foundation.

Hey, the situation soons cool to me, reducing my travel fears
(especially my wife and kids don't want me to go) - nice weather,
friendly people, Yogi as bodyguard, good food, 1:45 exchange rate (as an
example what this means to me, how much is a burger, fries and Coke or
just a cup of coffee in your money?), and the shopping! (I promised my
wife if I go I'd buy her some traditional Indian woman's clothes),
tourist safe havens.

Oh, when you have time send me some pictures of YOUR India, pix of
gallery or alternative galleries, your school, family, main streets,
stuff like that. I want to start building some Web pages for my site.
Mitra also is starting to design pages for our India international show.
You mention print companies. Maybe we can get sponsor to print out a
historic catalog? You need then to contact Mitra so we can include
Calcutta's participation.

If you divorce US from Ankur's gallery we can do our show before Not to
beat him of course( ;) ) but that we can plan on travelling both to
Calcutta and Bombay over the course of 10 days (including travel time).
That's as long as I can break away from my clinical duties. So ideally,

showdates from Dec. 10-20 when we're there, second location show
(Bombay?) can go on much further, say into the new millenium, if you are
willing to mail back stuff to artists. They will pay shipping, make this
clear with all up front.

We all got work to do. So stay in touch as much to possible to
coordinate our efforts. Dec. is almost here. So is 2 0 0 0 !!!!!!!!!!


Re: [Fwd: Re: The India Millenium International Digital Art Exhibition]
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 19:19:16 -0700 (PDT)
Shubhojoy Mitra <>


That's a great idea provided an organization like
Microsoft agrees. Has Yogi already written to them?
If not, I don't mind trying. Better still, if we
jointly send e-mails to them.

I think Adobe or Macromedia could also be greatly
interested. But who should we address?

Meanwhile Yogi has not got back to me yet. I'll
forward this letter to him and await a response
before making a move?

The lecture shouldn't be dificult to organize here.
There are good halls with required facilities
including the Lincoln Hall at USIS (American Center)
and conference area at Science City. It's better to
limit the audience by special invitations to art
schools, colleges, etc. but admission fees will
probably not work unless it's a trifle. If we get
some organization to sponsor the lecture, that should
cover the costs. If a big name is associated with the
show and the exhibition like Microsoft, I guess a few
local companies would like to jump the bandwagon too.

Waiting for Yogi's instructions and feedback...

Warm regards


Great response!

Larry Lovett would be great as your lecturer. I might also get up there
and introduce my web vrml museum of digital art. I get 500+ visitors a
day and just hit 250,000 visitors after 2+ years of existing online.

Yogi has not relayed back to me about Microsoft, others you are thinking
of. I sent him idea for the lst time today too. I am noticing that you
react/work a bit faster than him. But I think we can make a great
planning team.

A couple hundred dollars from a sponsor would be nice as Larry struggles
here as a full time artist; quite a loyal artist to his creative talent
and life.

You probably can address any email grant proposal to a corporation by
using the salutation of "To the committee on grant applications" or
"Dear Director of Grant Proposal Reviews"

Might as well try. I like the idea of submitted proposal together with

The Yugoslavian digital artist is interested and so is an American in
Iowa (middle of the USA) who has practiced yoga all his life and knows
much about Indian culture and religion. I am waiting for word from a
Russian artist and another in New York.

Keep planning!




[Fwd: Re: Flashback to Pygoya]
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 05:29:30 -1000
pygoya <>

Hiya Katy,

Look at the time above. Becoming an early riser again with Bronson
having to get to UH Lab School at the UH Manoa. We leave at 6am to get
past the major traffic.

I did mean having to go to India when I wrote "Pressure". See how things
quickly change. I'm sure not sure if I'm going but as I move into
automatic in constructing a worthwhile trip through creative guidance of
those involved, I involuntarily get more and more committed.

When opportunity beckons, can't help put fill in the gaps (like a
dentist) to round out a richer experience.

Denise Ruzich, a great digital artist, is out. Her reply here.

Yup today is my day off. One of my favorite days of the week.

Great idea of having retrievel capability for aoh at work.

Meeting with Larry today to plan more on Pygoya Art International.

Indi - a

Re: Flashback to Pygoya
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 10:07:05 -0400
1 , 2 , 3

Hi Stranger,

How are you? And the family?

Amazing, I was just thinking about you. I recently returned from LA
where I attended Siggraph 99 conference. Kept thinking that you should
exhibit there as your work is of such historical importance to computer graphics.

India sure sounds cool, but I quite literally spent the budget here on
going to Siggraph (went to look for work as well as take the
conference). As you know, we are looking to move back to the West coast
so this was a very important trip. Great opportunities there to
interview and present my portfolio. Had better then expected responses
and am receiving more now. Very exciting. Keep your fingers crossed...

So, while limbo is still in (as to where and when we are moving), India
would definitely be out for me. :( But I want to hear all about it
when you go, ok?

All are fine here. Getting ready for school to start again. And our
older boy is <gulp> starting high school this year. Can't believe it!
He's also doing football and is now taller than both Jeff and I. Our
younger one is gaining fast though and starts 7th grade this year. How
time has flown!

Keep in touch. Good to hear from you!!



Pygoya wrote:
> Hi Denise,
> Thought I'm history in your email?
> Still kicking.
> Want to join up and be part of lst international digital art show of
> India? Must bring body not just ship art, that's their deal. Dec. 99


Re: Gallery Planning
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 20:10:38 -1000
pygoya <>
Yogi Chopra <>

Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Hi there Rodney,
> So it's finally happening. Our first step towards the exhibition is
> finally through and I have been lucky enough to get the gallery just in
> time. The dates from 14-23 of december are available. and be rets
> assured that the gallery is a good one! I wouldn't say the gallery is
> very big or spacious, but it is located at a very good, centrally
> located area. I have come up with some new ideas wherein we could put
> up a small infomation counter near the gallery, and thereby direct
> crowds to our show....still have to confirm in that. I have spoken to
> Ankur about this and made him aware of my plans, and he to liked my
> ideas. I have sent a mail to Shubhojoy and told him that the idea of
> aproaching Microsoft is a very ambitious but gutsy one; but of course
> there's no loss in trying...and that we should send a joint e-mail and
> supplement it with snail-mail too. That would give an impression of
> being more serious about the whole thing.... what say?
> Waiting for u to reply..
> Bye for now
> Yogi
> __________________________________________________
> Do You Yahoo!?
> Bid and sell for free at

Good Job, Yogi!

Is the gallery the same as Ankur's show? What is the financial charge
for the space? Who will pay the charges?
Can you send a photograph of the gallery? An address of the gallery?
Will Shubhojoy have his work in the exhibit? The dates Dec. 14-23 is
OK. But I would have to leave before the 23rd to get back to my family
by Chirstmas, the 25th. Let's see - possibly try for a show in Calcutta
first, starting earlier. The foreign artists could fly in for a
reception party there without having to be there at the opening date.
Then fly to Bombay for another reception at your gallery. Total time
for the trip would be 10 days, part in Cal,the second leg of the trip
in Bombay.

To have more chance to get Bill Gate's financial assistance-

1. Tie show to some sort of donation to help India's needy population
2. Tie show to his Micrsoft company, image or products
3. Plea for assistance in helping to make India digital art high
technology history
4. Try to get your school to help sponsor show - just need their name
and insitutional involvement, not their money, in other words, ask for
financial assistance on behalf to the school
5. Write that total historical event will be documented on the Internet
at our 3 sites and promoted throughout the Web on Indian search engines,
bulletin boards, chatrooms, geocities, yahoo, etc.
6. Say that some of the funds will be used for large banner campaign
around the Web at art sites and educational sites, therefor "Microsoft
India Millenium Digital Art Exhibition" will be prominently displayed
7. Part of money to buy Microsoft equipment so badly needed at your
school's computer graphics lab

Same of the above goes for Calcutta needs besides Bombay.

Hope this helps. Send a copy of your joint grant/email to me for
recording of Digital Art History.
If "SORRY", it's still so cool to get an official 'letter' of
acknowledgement from Microsoft. Demand a quick answer as December is
coming so soon. Apologize for writing so late. Say you just found their
grant site and the gallery space was just confirmed.

Your gallery space (What is the name of the gallery?), how many square
feet, how many works of art can be hung on the walls?

Send this email to Mitra too.



Re: Gallery Planning
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 06:13:05 -1000
pygoya <>
Yogi Chopra <>

Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Dear Rodney,
> Just read ur email....well as i have told u before the money for the
> gallery was already arranged we have to pay a rent of 32$ per day that
> amts to around 192$ and plus we have to give them around 50$ per
> day(refundable) which will totally amt to 500$ which is already
> arranged as Girish's mom's company(Pharmacuetical)is sponsoring that
> amt...dont worry as i will start looking for sponsors only after 10
> days as i have my exams going...and im very optimistic about getting
> it.!
> i will confirm on other things and send u a mail
> soon..ok
> seeya for now
> Yogi.C
> __________________________________________________
> Do You Yahoo!?
> Bid and sell for free at

Dear Yogi,

OK. What's the name of gallery? Photo please.

More thoughts on the grant proposal to Gates Foundation.

1. So a somewhat emotional appeal for assisting the poor and at the same
time have high technology and it's digital art culture HELP such world
2. Besides your school, consider getting a nonprofit organization that
helps the poor, hungry, needy as the organization asking for the money
to do this fund raiser exhibition - to help their causes.
3. Yes write to the proper channels at the site for grant submitting but
ALSO send a personal appeal to Bill Gates himself. You can dig up the
Microsoft CEO's private or corporate address using the Web. He IS the
Internet. This may help get pass his bureaucrats that may say "too bad,
too late in applying for such a close date". If he sees the importance
to the starving (they are hungry NOW) (for which his foundation is
established), to his corporate image advancement, his church (find out
religion, maybe go to nonprofit organization of his religion that helps
the poor in India) and a chance for HIM to make history in sponsoring
"the first international digital art of India" then he might just write
you a personal check!

4. Lastly I will write to Katy if she can offer a gift print (large size
of Portal to Cyberspace" to the Mircosoft corporation or for Bill's own
fantastic multimillion dollar residence in Oregon. From her Giclee print
company in Hawaii. Of course if a museum in Bombay also accepts this
gift, it will look even more important to Microsoft.


> > Wed, 25 Aug 1999 20:52:20 -0700 (PDT)
> > From:
> > Yogi Chopra <>
> > To:
> >
> >
> >
> >Hi there Rodney,
> >So it's finally happening. Our first step towards the exhibition is
> >finally through and I have been lucky enough to get the gallery just in
> >time. The dates from 14-23 of december are available. and be rets
> >assured that the gallery is a good one! I wouldn't say the gallery is
> >very big or spacious, but it is located at a very good, centrally
> >located area. I have come up with some new ideas wherein we could put
> >up a small infomation counter near the gallery, and thereby direct
> >crowds to our show....still have to confirm in that. I have spoken to
> >Ankur about this and made him aware of my plans, and he to liked my
> >ideas. I have sent a mail to Shubhojoy and told him that the idea of
> >aproaching Microsoft is a very ambitious but gutsy one; but of course
> >there's no loss in trying...and that we should send a joint e-mail and
> >supplement it with snail-mail too. That would give an impression of
> >being more serious about the whole thing.... what say?
> >Waiting for u to reply..
> >Bye for now
> >Yogi

Hi Katy,

Glad to know you're feeling better! Is it overcast and rainy on Maui
like here? Good day to be home and get some rest.

Can't leave this clinic until after Dec. 11th. Could hit the road Dec.

Fantasy marketing possibility-

You write to Bill Gates and introduce Maui Giclee. Offer up a lup for
his residence or one of his multitude of Microsoft corporate reception
areas. Point him (or his court) to your Show how a
Hawaii print company is using high tech to provide culture and the art
market with fine art "originals" (please DO NOT use the word
"reproductions"). Express how excited Maui Giclee is in being one of
the "sponsors" of this upcoming India first digital art exhibition. I'm
sure he's penetrating this vast market himself, probably (research check
please - use Web) if Microsoft has divisions in India). Invite Microsoft
to co-sponsor the daring project by maverick artists that USES THE
INTERNET TO GET WORLD EXPOSURE. Remember he started on his own from a
garage and created the Apple computer. Maverick. Suggest to him this
initial show, with the proper budget and sponsors, can be developed a
world travelling show, a marketing and promotional tool for both
Microsoft and Maui Giclee (and Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at Then that makes my job much easier - landing museum
shows around the planet, giving away gift Giclees for the next
decade(s). Position Microsoft to have the image of giving a damn about
Cyberculture (art), he grabs everything else. You travel abroad and
represent both Microsoft and Maui Giclee, setting up print displays and
getting more clients. Maybe even suggest a visit to Oregon to visit with
him if he's interested at all. Tempus fugit and what do you have to
lose? At the very least Microsoft will know of our existence and should
get a formal reply that has marketing value online.

Besides Gates, get a copy plea out to AOL, the current arch enemy of
MSFT. CEO and also billionaire, Steve Case, is a graduate of Punahou
and x-resident of HAWAII! Appeal to his Hawaiian soul to help launch
digital art in India by a Hawaii company and cyberartist. Offer to visit
with him in Virginia where his corporate headquarters is. Explain India
could just be the startup of promoting the high end of digital art
culture on the Internet and other countries are planned for exhibition
by Pygoya, Honolulu boy. Suggest even an art gallery run by Maui Giclee
(I'd help) ON as a special feature for their community. Imagine
hitting the mother lode of putting work in front of
the biggest (18 million) virtual community with the second highest
sales rate on the Internet! That's it - we're RICH. Play to the
emotions, be Mother Theresa and state any sales will go to the poor of
India (later the world). Do tell Gates has a major Help Mankind
Foundation ( 17 billion $) and this would be a start for AOL. Send a
photo of yourself as the elegant woman that you are and this will help
build interest and create a real person behind the SOS for assistance.

Like the Beatles wrote, 'imagine' if 2 of the world's richest (and
creatively sharpest) men were your personal friends. It couldn't hurt.
Even if they say Nah through lower channels, hey, you made contact.

Well, you said "How can I help" so there.

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 19:58:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shubhojoy Mitra <>
Subject: Re: Millenium art show
To: Yogi Chopra <>
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Dear Yogi,

Since we have serious and renowned artists like Dr.
Chang backing us, we might, like you said give it a
try. That's a good idea: to send a jointly-signed
snail mail too in their direction. Will you prepare
the draft?

For the snail mail, you can mail it to me after
signing and I'll, in turn send it too Dr. Chang
signed, and he can include his signature stating his
willingness to hold the show... if we get everyone
else associated to sign on the letter, even Tatic
from Yugoslovakia, and finally send it across th the
director of grants, maybe it'll carry more weight.
The e-mail version can just have all our names and
gallery urls listed.

I am surfing your new and old galleries now. Cool
interface. Looking forward to hear from you soon.


Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 07:57:07 -1000
From: Pygoya <>
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MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Museum connections to Gallery shows
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
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Hi Shubhojoy,

I am happy to read you and Yogi will spend the time and effort to ask
for assistance but just as important, expose our exhibition to the heart
of high technology power and influence - Microsoft. Indeed no matter
what the financial outcome is, we all shall learn much of this digital
world and the reply filed away in my virtual digital art history site.

Katy Sabo, director of, has secured a gift Giclee of
my work from her company, Maui Giclee fine arts publishing company,
should either or both museums from Calcutta and from Bombay accept this
symbolic work of art of the lst international digital art traveling
exhibition of India. Again, the url where officials can inspect and
select a piece for the museum is -

The selection(s) will be taken from the official editions offered,
thereby reducing what remains to be sold. Of course the print will be
numbered and handsigned by the artist. A formal presentation by the
artist and Katy on behalf of her American print company along with the
acceptance by some official of the museum is anticipated. This can
happen at the gallery where our shows are or at the museum premises.
Either way, this will bring official and expanded exposure and promotion
of the group exhibitions. Yogi can try to get the Bombay museum, you
the Calcutta. It doesn't have to be the largest, most conservative
usually museum but just a smaller, more open-minded, liberal and
contemporary/international thinking organization.

Of course Katy would like to travel for this great event but the
opportunity to share her companies art print samples and discuss the
process of digital image processing to the high end perfection of
producing fine art prints is necessary. We need to find a room where she
can do a formal presentation on behalf of her company so that the
company can finance her "business" trip. Also, with such a session
secured, Larry Lovett can also be a second speaker and cover "Digial Art
History in the United States". Now wouldn't this be just what digital
artists in India need to jettison forward into the next millenium?

I have spoken to the Katy Sabo, thanking her for such a generous gesture
by her company to help support our cause and exhibition. I can visualize
the selected museum pieces as my centerpiece for my works at our group
shows. Make nice fancy framing for the show and for future hanging in
museums. I like the large format of Portal in Cyberspace. For one
thing, it being close to black and white in composition, it will show up
well if photographed for newspapers and taped for tv - and the title
clearly demonstrates where digital art is going in the future - the
cyberspace of the Internet. This show and its content, messages, is so
important to India as it assimilaties the global cyberculture of the
Internet now under formation by artists of the world.

Katy supports the idea of both of you writing for a virtual grant from
Microsoft. Here's an idea - she also signs the snailmail rendition on
behalf of her American high tech company. In fact she can add an
included personal letter of support of the grant proposal that can be
attached as an appendendum. Maybe she can fly out to Microsoft and even
meet Bill Gates and present the grant in person! To see what Katy looks
like go to -http://WWW.LastPlace.Com/EXHIBITS/R2001HI/mauigiclee.htm

I look forward to hearing more progress as it develops between you and
Yogi. Oh, please send copy of this email to Yogi. Thanks.

Warm regards,

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 12:42:10 +0400
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Dear Pygoya,

Thank you very much for warm words regarding my illustrations and the book.
Certainly you are right. Translation of Russian poems to English language is
difficulty. Sorry for my long silence. Yesterday I came back in St.
Petersburg. I had a rest during 30 days near the Azovskey sea. It was a
beautiful time! Thank you very much for invitation in India. Unfortunately I
can not be in India in December. But I was really very glad to have so
wonderful invitation from you. Thank you.

Dear Shubhojoy,

Keep making your art move upwards as best as you talents can. Who
knows, someday we will also greet each other in New York City too!

What's so beautiful about this upcoming Indian exhibition is that it's
linked in time to the turn of the millenium. Not just the century but
that 1000 year mark! Hey, everybody would want to be associated someway
with this historic moment. Everybody should feel patriotic and want to
help his or her mother country enter the digital art/high tech culture
BEFORE Jan. 1, 2000 arrives. Foreign eyes are watching how Indian
citizens interact with the development of this project. How BIG it ends
depends on the enthusiasm within the India planning group and the
supportive resources available. We on the outside can only watch.
By the way, for the grant, leave yourself an open door for the future.
State if it is impossible to assist for this quickly arriving date, then
hopefully the verdict will be different when we apply for the Year 2000
International Indian art exhibition that "we are planning" IF this first
one is successful. With the Internet, the planet and all its online
corporate email mailboxes are at your perusual. The firsts that learn to
use this global new marketing opportunity have the best start for
success in their lives for the next millenium. Hopefully we all learn
much more from our mutual efforts, for India, for our dear art medium,
for the revolution of a new art form that knows no national borders.

I am excited to learn next week or the coming week of news on gallery,
galleries, conference room and sponsor for speakers (Lovett and Sabo),
possible acceptance of museum of American print company's gift,
finalizing schedule of tour dates (Calcutta and Bombay), any interest
secured by college or univsersity for exhibit, sponsorhip or
lecture/seminar, acceptance of sponsorship of humanitarian organization
that we can funnel money from Mircosoft or AOL, developments for catalog
and web side mirroring and documentation of the shows.

I trust God will help us.


Shubhojoy Mitra wrote:
> Hi Pygoya,
> All that's great news to me. I am sure you can build
> it up to be a real success! Thanks a lot for sharing
> your plans with us.
> Meanwhile, armed with the ideas, info, refs you have
> sent me, I'll approach four/five local galleries over
> this week. I am already in touch with one gallery
> owner as I might design his online version in the
> near future. I met the in-charge of another
> gallery/bookshop personnally and he had visited the
> inaugural of my second exhibition about a couple of
> years ago. I intend to renew that contact too. The
> third gallery (CIMA) is the most prestigious in
> Calcutta circles these days and the most spacious
> too. I have a few artist friends who know the
> director. Let's hope they'll be interested in the
> Millenium Show.
> We've got to make this thing a great event...!!!
> Also forwarding your mails to Yogi so he can begin
> preparing the draft.
> warm regards
> shubho
> ---Pygoya <> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Shubhojoy,
> >
> > Just thought I'd share this plan of mine.
> >
> >
> > As you and Yogi's works grow, I'll consider for my
> "international"
> > section of the gallery! Send this to Yogi so he too
> can see my life's
> > future plans.
> >
> > Aloha for now,
> > Pygoya
> >
> _________________________________________________________
> Get your free address at

Re: Museum connections to Gallery shows
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 22:50:01 -0700 (PDT)
Shubhojoy Mitra <>


Just forwarded your letter to Yogi.
Looks like this willl really set the ball rolling.
I forgot to mention the galleries I intend to approach.
The kind of gallery you could present your is the
Oxxford bookshop and art gallery, the most centrally
located art shop in town (Park Street attached to the
Park Hotel... incidentally this could also be the
venue of Katy Sabo's presentation.
The Oxford Gallery seems to be good keeping in mind
your words: "a smaller, more open-minded, liberal and
contemporary/international thinking organization",
although it wouldn't be big enough to hold the
Millenium Art show. They even have a internet surfing
facilities for customers/visitors attached. I will
visit Mr. Arindam Chatterjee, the in-charge whom I
mentioned having met personally and he should be
quite interested.

More of this later.




Dear Shubhojoy,

Please convey my greetings to Mr. Arindam Chatterjee. I personally look
forward to visiting his gallery and bookstore. It sound's so British.
I adore commercial spaces that combine books with gallery. Probably also
a cafe close to the windowed boxes to the Internet.

I invite Mr. Chatterjee to view the art that I wish to share with India.
Hope he can assist and direct you to museum personnel that will accept
Maui Giclee print company's gift of any print at for the permanent
print collection of the museum and as a key to usher in the new art
medium of the upcoming millenium.
It he has any further interest on cyberculture, cyberart, global digital
artists on the Internet, there my Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at

Thank you for already having start on possible seminar sites for Katy
Sabo and Larry Lovett.

May the Force be with us all!


Shubhojoy Mitra <>
pygoya <>

Dear Pygoya,

Thanks for you inspiring mails!

Meanwhile I been a little busy over the weekend with
a electronic catalog designing assignment. But I have
been talking to various people on the art show and
fixed an appointmemt with one gallery owner on
Tuesday (Chitrakoot Art Gallery).

Now my plan of action is going to be the following
during the week ahead:

1st priority: CIMA... this is the most prestigious of
Calcutta private galleries these days. A few months
they held a big show of German expressionists.
Besides they seem to encourage newer trends. A
friend, old art college pal, also an artist/designer
knows the director there. He'll get in touch with
them during the week and let me know if they are
interested. If so, I'll seek an appointment asap.

2nd: the next alternative is a new gallery quite
centrally located called the "Alternate Art Gallery",
incidentally just across the street from Oxford.
Although not half as spacious as CIMA, this will do
if CIMA is not interested. Also, it could be the
jointly organized by Oxford. I'll proceed to talk to
them and
also Mr. Chatterjee from Oxford if CIMA does not show
any interest.

3rd: Chitrakoot. This would be slightly conservative
by our standards but I know the owner personally and
am supposed to design his website. I have an
appointment with him this Wednesday. Maybe he'll be
interested too.

There should be other alternatives too ...
God willing we should be able to get at least any of
the first three to make a committment. I'll put you
in touch with the first of them who responds
postively so they know we are planning a really great

Once again, thanks for your encouragement.
btw, I have recently put up some of my old paintings
(not digital) in this directory:

Haven't heard from Yogi about the draft yet. Have you
asked him? Hope he gets that posted soon!


Read and Fwd.
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 13:25:11 -0700 (PDT)
Yogi Chopra <>
pygoya <>

Dear Rodney please forward this e-mail to Katy,
Hi Katy. Sorry for writing so late. Just wanted to confirm on the
following things:
* What is your basic motive to come to India. Is your company
sponsoring you to advertise and market the printing concept.
* Are you going to take orders from India or you plan to set up an
infrastructure out here.
The very prestigious modern art gallery-museum has not excepted
computer art as a real art form. Hence it will be very difficult to
have a seminar-lecture in these museums. Though it might not be
difficult for me to arrange a conference hall. But as you know I have
to know your purpose. Please let me know any further ideas and plans
to come here. Waiting in anticipation for your reply.

Yogi C

From: "Katy Sabo" <>
To: Yogi Chopra <>
Subject: Re: Read and Fwd.
Date: Sun, Aug 29, 1999, 7:48 PM

Hi Yogi: I love your name and all that it implys here in the West. Never
been to your land but one person described it as a place where there's a
"miracle on every corner".....what do you think of that?
The company I represent is the second largest of its type in the world and
we have many international accounts. The original Iris giclee print that we
produce either on canvas or paper is a very magnificent product and I would
be honored to expose your people to the wonders of these Iris giclee prints
by lecturing, handing out videos, brochures and bringing samples along. I
would expect to take orders from India and carry back the artists'
tranparencies, CDRoms or disks or small originals. We would send them a set
of proofs and then ship the prints after approval.
. Rodney is our first rather prestigious digital artist. However, we do
work with others and the interest is snowballing.
At this time I am looking for funding for this venture in some form or
Look forward to hearing more from you.
Aloha, Katy