More planning on digital art show for India - August 22, 1999

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Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Hi there Rodney,
> I recd. ur mails...and one of them was about the exhibition in
> Vadodara ( The IIT'97 Digital Art exhibition). well, this was quite a
> long time back, so i guess u dont remember........ I had already
> mentioned to u about Amitabh Gandhi who is behind the digital art
> gallery in Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. I had spoken to him
> earlier on the phone and had given him an invitation to display the
> artworks of the children on my site , and he said he wasn't too
> familiar with the Internet. So, instead he asked me to get in touch
> with one Mr. Ramesh Mulaye, his colleague in Bombay. In fact i have
> mentioned about him also to u........he's the one who hasnt responded
> yet and didnot even get back to me. As u must have seen, he collected a
> sizeable amount of money, almost $5000. And all he used then were just
> A4 size inkjet outputs.! so i dont see why we cant do it?
> I feel the only way i can possibly convince u to come is when I get
> soon as I reach the roundabouts of $500-1000 as
> sponsorships, only then will I feel assured that u can make it to
> India.
> Will keep yu briefed about what is happening this side of the world....
> Yogi.
> ACHIEVE IT".......lets hope this works for us too........!
> __________________________________________________
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> Bid and sell for free at

Thanks Yogi,

Very informative, review of your efforts, past India digital art events
and personalities involved and what you are doing.

Thank you for attempting to raise some money. Maybe inkjets are good
enough for a show but will it be sellable in a commerical gallery? They
will fade quickly and customers will be disappointed. I can see inkjets
for a nonprofit show like that of the children's in 1997.

Too bad Gandhi is not personally interested in the Internet, the "mother
of all digital art" in the future. He leaves himself out of the digital
art global movement by turning his back on the Web.

I accepted a work of art by Mitra into my Cyberculture Art Museum. It
was innovative and had the appropriate title of "Scrollscape", very
suitable for my museum dedicated to art using the Internet as the
SUBJECT MATTER. When you have time check out India's lst entry into
this virtual reality museum. Start by going to and scroll down to Cyberculture Art

You are personally invited to submit a piece for Web's art sake, OK?

My Dr. friend sent my resume, sample art prints and catalog of my '88
Shanghai Art Museum exhibition to his "famous artist" friend in Bombay.
Will try to get his friend to have the local museum accept a work of art
from our upcoming show and official accept it at our show. This may help
to get tv and newspaper interest. It's an interesting move, let's see
what happens.

Your friend,


this info helps... been reading how terrible things are getting with the
l billion population spillover in India, the poverty, unemployment,
disease, beggars, homeless.

There's also the possibility if this is going to happen that I may bring
also another Honolulu artist (Larry Lovett, lst computer artist of
Hawaii, solo show at The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC (capital
of USA) and another American, Katy Sabo, who is interested in
introducing her Giclee digital printing company's prints to your gallery

Will think about budget and consult the others contemplating a possible
trip along with me as both are fascinated with your country (yoga,
meditation, Buddist culture, artifacts, tours, etc.)

Any chance of setting up a print seminar or digital art talk at some

Budget - still none really approximated, depends on WHAT is planned in

Hey glad you have a car and will take of us(me).

Ever wrote to Mitra???


Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Hi there again,
> Whats ur budget for this trip..?
> one very imp. question has somehow still remained answered.......:
> How much money have u set aside for this trip to India?
> Firstly remember, commuting will not much of a problem, since i'll be
> having my own car. and yes, b'bay is a pretty safe place for
> tourists...cos' there r quite a few tourists visiting this
> city....besides, i too can be with yu when needed.
> Well, i am giving yu a rough estimate for ur lodging when ur here.
> a) a place with just the basic facilities wud cost about $40 per day
> b) a better hotel wud be about $50 per day.
> c) a decent 3-Star hotel wud cost around $70-$100, with good service
> and luxury.
> d) and finally a 5 star hotel, providing maximum luxury cud cost $200
> and more.
> Besides the comforts provided by the hotel, the prices may vary from
> location to location. like for eg. if the hotel is in downtown b'bay,
> it will cost u more than someplace else. but convenience-wise a
> city-side hotel is more advisable.
> Pls. let me know as to which place suits u the best. I will try and
> find out how much an air ticket from Honolulu to B'bay wud cost yu.
> Pls. reply soon.
> Yogi.

Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Hello rodney,
> some more questions.........!!!!
> 1) how many artists will be accompanying yu to India?
> u have mentioned previously about the Taiwanese and the Canadian.
The Canadian at last email stated she only wanted to send her works and
cannot afford the trip so I guess she's out. I will send a copy of this
email to see if she changed her mind. The Taiwanese just got a job as a
digital graphic artist and Web page maker with big Taipei company. Might
be busy now to make a December trip to India but will also send him this
email and check if he can make it.

I just sent today to you the possibility of a woman and fellow digital
artists, both of Hawaii coming along. Of course it depends how your
show, opportunity to present digital art printmaking develops further.
Larry Lovett also has tapes of the public television show he used to
have on Hawaii television. Digital art animation program by him.

Your key financial questions will also be sent now to Katy and Larry
plus the Canadian and Taiwanese.

Thanks for your diligent efforts!
> will they be coming along?
> 2) will they stay with u?
> 3) what is their budget?
> 4) how many artworks will each of the artists be getting along with
> them?
> Pls. understand, it is very imperative that u answer these questions.
> awaiting ur immediate response in this regard.
> Yogi.

Hi again Yogi,

This a tourist type e-letter.

You may not know but a lot has to do with perceptions built by different
country media, such as newspaper and tv.

US newspapers, with Pakistan conflict and Indian population making news
about hitting l billion (failure in government's containment of
population growth and poverty), don't paint a pretty picture of India.

So I ask you, my friend, for an insider's view of things.
Frankly is it safe for an Asian (I'm of Chinese descent), a beautiful
white American woman and a tall, blonde/blue-eyed male to walk the
streets of Bombay? Are there areas you would not wander by yourself? Do
hundreds follow you everywhere if you give money to one youthful begger
through sympathy of the heart? Is there any diseases such as hepatitis,
TB, cholorea that we need to prepare for as tourists? Can Westerners
drink the tap water? And what is the exchange rate for the American
dollar with your money. What is your money called? Where is the Taj
Mahal and any chance to see it, take pictures? Can I photograph life of
the steets of Bombay for my web site? Can we visit any printmaking
companies in Bombay and visit an art school? Your school with digital
art equipment? What's the weather like in December, say around the 10th
to the 20th? How far to Calcutta by plane, and the air fare? Remember
playing the song "Calcutta" when I was growing up taking Italian
accordian lessons! How's the food? Only eat at certain restaurants? Any
famous curry in Bombay? What's the population size? In a few facts,
can you characterize Bombay, Calcutta and New Delphi? Some must see
attractions of Bombay for tourists? For artists? For digital artists?
For printmakers? Can we meet some of your friends? Your family? Do we
need to worry about Y2K problems in Bombay facilities, at the airport,
in the air? Can you find financial sponsors? How much do you think each
traveler should budget for average but safe, sanitary living quarters?
Must have toilet and shower. Double occupanies available?

That's all the touristy questions I can think of now. When you send
answers, Mr. ambassador, I will forward email to others contemplating
lst trip of a lifetime to your exotic country.


Glad to here there are many tourist walking about, delighting over the
magic of Indian culture and people.

Hi Yogi,

Thinking some more, this time on the exhibition space issue.

I, as well as any other foreign digital artists, do not expect to make a
sale at the Bombay show opportunity. For many reasons, such as no
communication between gallery dealer, their customers' taste, the local
Indian market for fine arts, promotions that will be done, press release
information for newspaper, any tv, reception party for potential buyers
to meet artists (like you and me), the sales performance record of the
gallery you secure, how much Indian works of art sell now as an average
price, if you can get a gallery that sells traditional or contemporary
Indian art, what written contracts, if any, is there between gallery and
artists, what will the gallery do besides charge the artists rent and
take deposits, what are the terms for the artists to get back their
deposit before they leave Bombay, will the gallery escort the artists
around town (foreigner visitor to their country for their premises).

I think it's better to get a public place where the criteria for success
is not to sell stuff but to do cultural exchange. Can you not get a
library, a school, a place that serves the people? Of course a
"gallery" is best and I commend you taking this route for the show. Hey,
any space is better than none but anyone including myself would have to
know the details before making traveling and heavy cost commitments for
this Y2K infested turn of the millenium.

For me, as I have said before, this trip becomes more of a reality if
it's in December than November, according to my business manager of my
clinic. November was picked by Ankur but I think we have some freedom
of selecting a specific time for our show.

The trip will probably run in the thousands of dollars for each artists
for say, 10 days of travel, 6 days in Bombay and maybe elsewhere.

$1000 towards my trip would really help my
personal budget. My secretary called the local travel agent and she said
just over a thousand usually, depending of time of year.

Thank you again for all your energy, time for planning and action for


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From: Pygoya <>
Subject: [Fwd: Youre Invited to exhibit in India!]
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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 11:24:57 -1000
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Subject: Youre Invited to exhibit in India!
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Hi Cathy,

I probably will be invited as digital artist to exhibit in Bombay,
India, close to your country in Dec. 99. Want to join show and meet me
there? Your digital photographs would be wonderful for Indian eyes in
gallery. But any artist I invite from abroad MUST attend show.

Just thought of you,

Hiya Yogi,
Through my webmastering of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum I meet many
digital artists. So why not also invite a few more friends. Probably all
will say "thanks but no thanks - too far and too costly". But
potentially more international eyes watching our show posssibility and
planning developments. Invited a German and a Russian just now via


Re: Show opportunity coming your way
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 18:55:44 -0700 (PDT)
Greg Hoose <>

Dear Rodney, gee I would love to do that! I love
airports.. Let me know the details and I will see if
it can be
worked out.


>Here's my early morning thought-
>Dr. Huja here was not available when I called his home last night as
>instructed. Maybe at the hospital with sick/dying patients as an
>Internal Med. spec.
>Let's look at the situation - Ankur Gupta's got a lock in Nov in Bombay
>on a solo and doesn't want to share. Gallery wants money. Mitra can get gallery
>in Calcutta, probably free, no need to go as it sounds. Called Dr. Huja yesterday
asking for my proofs back
>that he sent to a "prominent Indian artist friend" when I first got them
>from you about a month ago. No response. Said don't need his help
>anymore as a show has been secured. Turns out his friend/artist lives
>in Bombay!
>Negotiating manuver/PREDICTION- I suggest all this with his country has
>been below the playing level that I have achieved in the past -
>exhibited my computer art at Russian Museum, China Museum, New York
>Museum, etc. The gallery level, without no market developed, probably no
>tv/newspaper is going to be a financial loss, and walking the streets
>with unknowns. I'm going to suggest, if this artist guy really has
>power, to just help me get a show in the Bombay Museum. How? Donate a
>lup Portal to Cyberspace and have a show of smaller giclees (proofs or
>larger). Now that makes more sense for me to run off to India. For Jim
>it makes sense to donate that lup so and MauiGiclee
>can print on the brochures and online that "some of our print, such as
>that of Pygoya, a listed artists of ours, has been accepted into the
>permanent collection of international museums, such as the Bombay
>Museum..." and whereever else I hit on next year. (Sorry, not Turkey).
>I challenge the Doc to put my stuff at the proper level in HIS country.
>With such a postioning of the art, the trip is buffeted by dignitaries,
>better security, treatment, etc. "I've been there before." Unless the
>artist can cut through the red tape, such a set up won't happen before
>the millenium. But who knows? Anyway today I plan to touch base with
>Huja and propose such a thought. A gift to his local museum, the first
>digital art (giclee) in an Indian museum! Now DAT'S HISTORY!
>Trip I hear is around a grand both ways.
>No message from Mitra yet.

>By the way, when you check , find out where's the stop over to India.
>Looks like a l o n g trip. Using a straight edge it looks like the
>Philippines. If so, should try to score a museum there too along the
>way. The promo work never ends for a restless soul like me.

Re: Show opportunity coming your way
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 20:13:41 -0700 (PDT)
Greg Hoose <>
pygoya <>

Yes and I am into the Ramayana too. I am making a
game based on it 3d. Also I am rewriting it and have
digital artwork related. Also into Jyotish and have
some digital studies of the observatories. would love
to see
them live..

Been doing TM since 1970 and am an official sidha and
hop around and all that stuff (fly).

you got icq?

Greg Hoose
GreyGoose Arts
Art website:
Fairy site:
icq 44517835

Re: ATTENTION! Soldier for Cyberart
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 21:38:43 -0600
"Ansgard Thomson" <>

Hi Rodney
nothing ever came from any official Geocites SoHo source.I feel no interest
in making any more
statements.The truth is, if you volunteer your services to a community
you are against any identifiable group their is nothing you can do about it
unless you find a majority in your corner in that group.
I do not expect any responses,because the management does only care about
the publicity part of having artists using free space and that is what I
will do only,
use the free space because my server told me he will have to charge me $10
more per MB each month.
Re:India, it would be sure lots of fun to go to India with the 3 of you,but
can not get
away from here around Christmas. Also I do no longer travel that well ,as I
said if
I survive Toronto well in October without any help,I will need a month to
I have a holiday invitation to a secluded private beach in the Dominican
by German relatives who moved there last year and built their resort.
Hope to do that in the winter.
We had the local art show ,over 250 visitors to the show,only 3 pictures
were sold.
One of them was an old oil painting of mine.Sold for peanuts.
Your soldier sound a bit tired tonight.Will be 76 in the morning.
Keep on tracking .

Re: some more info...IMPORTANT!!!
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 22:10:06 -0600
"Ansgard Thomson" <>
"pygoya" <>
1 , 2 , 3 , 4

If he needs some extra works "after head count ", I would send some small
samples of my work nothing over 8"x11",may be a group of CD,s my specialty
mounted on silk or velvet.Just a visual attraction for the audience
and a floppy with my works to show on the computer??
One letter got away by itself with no message?Mystery!

shubhojoy from calcutta
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 23:12:07 -0700 (PDT)
Shubhojoy Mitra <>

Hello Yogi,

Recently, Pygoya (Dr. Chang) asked me to write to you
regarding the Millenium Show.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Shubhojoy
Mitra. I am located at Calcutta. By profession, I am
a webdesigner. By vocation, a painter, largely
self-taught except for a year at the Government Art
College of Crafts and Arts which I would rather not
talk about! I exhibited paintings twice with a friend
at the Cafe of the former Alliance Francaise de
Calcutta where I studied for over two years with. My
prefered choice of media has been coloured inks,
Indian ink, pastels, watercolours, oils, acrylic,
pencils and now mainly computer software.

You'll find my digital art
"". Click on the virtual
gallery icon on the left frame.

I see (from letters forwarded to me by Dr. Chang)
that you have done a lot of groundwork for the
exhibition of Digital Art in India. If you are
interested I can try to work out something with art
gallery owners in Calcutta and hold an exhibition
here too.

Please let me know the details about of the
exposition: number of artists, number of work they'd
like to put up, when, etc. so I can begin talking
with interested gallery owners.


the millenium show
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 23:49:40 -0700 (PDT)
Shubhojoy Mitra <>

Dear Pygoya,

Have you thought of a concurrent digital gallery online
at the time the Millenium show takes place in Bombay,
and hopefully here in Calcutta too?!
I'd love to help design that one!!!


Re: the millenium show
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 21:52:57 -1000
pygoya <>
Shubhojoy Mitra <>

Hi Mitra,

Thank you for contacting Yogi and sharing with him and myself your
background. Interesting person with similiar interest and background as

Your idea for a concurrent gallery is exciting! YES YES YES!

I just started a 2-person show with Gardiana of Taiwan
( and he did the exhibit presentationl. It was more of
a Shockwave format vs. a "gallery".

My site,, has unlimited memory from the server. I
would very grateful if you designed the online version of the shows in
Calcutta and Bombay. It would serve also as historical documentation of
India's lst international digital art exhibition at the turn of the
millenium! Can you do it? I am not very good technically, just intuitive
approach to graphics programs as a digital artist. Gardiana did a
superb job with his personal interest in multimedia programs. Works as
web designer for Taipei company. Your exhibition can be placed on all 3
sites involved - yours, Yogi and mine. He may want to be involved in the
design and construction of the presentation. I leave it to you two
younger guys. I really like the layout and approach used at your site
with those image maps and your newer version. Leading edge stuff.

I have invited 8 artists from different countries that I met as curator
of my virtual museum and now await answers as to whether they can travel
to your country. Then we can finalize numbers on participants and works
of art. Yours and Yogi works will represent India. Now we all wait news
on opportunities to show in either city. Of course since Yogi has been
working so hard and long, lst priority goes to Bombay if we need to
choose a city. Don't know how much more it would cost to take down and
travel with the works to Calcutta. That would be ideal however. Couple
days exhibit in Bombay then travel to your city with the works (limit
sizes for convenient carrying on board plane) or vice versa. Since I
feel the foreigners will only stay a few days in India (want to leave
before too close to end of year and Y2K dangers), maybe inaugural at
Calcutta, few days, take down, travel to Bombay for longer exhibit.
Artists return home, Yogi ships back works in 2000. I'm flexible.
Please also forward this email to Yogi after you receive it. We need to
work fast as Dec. is coming fast and so much needs to be done. The
beauty of it all is that this effort will not be forgotten through the
awesome documentation capability of the Net. I wholeheartedly welcome
your participation to bring to life India's First International Digital
Art Millenium Exhibition. I am trying to get my art print company to
donate a huge Giclee Iris print with frame to Bombay museum for the
permanent collection and to get tv and newspaper coverage. Maybe you
can help get a Calcutta museum to accept another of my works? Each with
frame is listed for $1000 and it will be donations from me to India.
Let me know if a museum would be interested in this gift as I need to
tell the owner next week about interest by your museum. Samples of the
works can be seen and shown to the appropriate museum authorities at The museum can
choose any of the 5 images and select the largest size. I'd frame it in
India according to museum specifications. I suggest "Portal to
Cyberspace", full sheet size, printed on museum archival Arches paper.

Write back soon and aloha.


Shubhojoy Mitra wrote:
> Dear Pygoya,
> Have you thought of a concurrent digital gallery online
> at the time the Millenium show takes place in Bombay,
> and hopefully here in Calcutta too?!
> I'd love to help design that one!!!
> shubhojoy


Sun, 22 Aug 1999 15:46:53 +0800
"Tony Tseng" <>

Hi, Rod...
How long are you gonna to be in INDIA? with your family...
I would love to go , but I don't think I will be able to go,...:(

Re: art opportunity abroad
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 11:12:45 -1000
Ute Kersting <>

Hi L.B.
Sure I would "like" to, but I cannot leave my husband, he needs more care.
My relatives are arriving in November to help us celebrate our 50th
Anniversary and friends from Sydney and Houston make that trip too. We hope
that my husband will hold this state of his illness and that it doesn't
progress, meaning getting worse. We have to take it how it comes.He really
tries to fight back but that darn cancer refracts very soon to new
medication and immune boosters.
I have finally printed some cards on watercolor paper cards and they look
quite good. I will send two out to you this week.
Nothing new otherwise. Have you ever been in India? Be careful with the food
you eat and the water . My daughter and I, She was still a flight attendant
with Pan Am at the time,came home with a "Deli-Belly". It took us a week to
get over this.
Nice to hear from you again,

Hi Yogi,

So far, got "cannot go" from Taiwanese and Canadian artists. She is the oldest computer artist of her country, just made 76 today. I told her if there is room she can send 1 or 2 small digital works to represent her country but no promises as you are in charge of the overall exhibit.

Fellow American from Iowa so far is interested. He practice yoga and other meditative arts plus does digital sumi brushworks. He will decide as the project materializes. My digita artist friend in Yugoslavia is also interested but wants to hear more on developments.

The German artist cannot come as her husband has cancer and needs constant care at this time.

Fellow Hawaii artist Larry Lovett is still attempting to find money for the trip. Katy Sabo probably can come if you can have some galleries or artists have a meeting for her to show her company computer printing services (Giclee on Iris printers).

Me, I am leaning towards coming in December.

Mitra wrote and forward email to you and for me. Hopefully we can expand our Millenium show to Calcutta and Bombay with possible some museum interaction by their acceptance of a gift Giclee print of mine from Katy's company. They (the museums) can choose l piece of available sizes from My plan is the piece is displayed at your gallery with some sort of ceremony whereby I give the piece to a museum administrator. This may get publicity for tv and newspaper. If the museums reject the gift (offered through Dr.'s friend in Bombay and Mitra in Calcutta) then at least these Indian institutions have been introduced to coming of this new media already popular in the Western world.