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I clipped and snipped...

Pygoya wrote:

OK Bryan,
Gonna put your words with no parachasing/diluting into my art history
section at

No problemo, and will give it a look-see soonest NO THAT MY FUCKING CABLE MODEM IS WORKING!!!!
Assholes...been living with a 28Kbps telephone connection and have been putting off all kinds of online work that I need to be

To me its more than raving and ranting, it's truely art history, not
just your great work (I'll include all the links to images you shared we
me to explain what's going on) but the process, which unfortunately for
us digital artists, includes all this extra shit. The anguish and
frustrations you express will make your works more appreciated by the
future populations and make today's "peers" look anachronistic.

Hmmm, and again...I understand the concept, but simply am not able to visualize myself as being part of that process...maybe I
am, like you say...and like you say... "...after we're gone..."!?!?!?

So that's why I do it, play art historian for digital art online, to be
sure all this is documented for decades from now.

Well, I think (again) that you *are* being a visionary in this regards...and understand...and appreciate being included in your
historical account...

After my life time.

Yeah, that what worries me...even about my own work!? ;-(

Cheers dude



And, here are some selected viewings for you as well:

These two were some of my 'earlier' work which are 'composites' of one or more fraxflames:


This one is the one that started torquing off people cuz it ended up as the Metacreations
Image Of The Day, *and* it is created from a SINGLE preset! From this point on, *all*
my creations became 'one click' compositions....and this REALLY started--like you said, to scare
the hell out of people.


These are some of my personal favorites, and are my favorite from the point of the application and the typical output done my most people:


This one got picked up by some mega site in the Netherlands...which netted me around 1000+ user


Several people wrote me on this one...dunno why, but they liked it:


I either like and/or people liked all four of these images in this gallery--only four thumbnails to download:


Was questioned heavily by another FraxFlame devotee as he couldn't believe that it was a fractal:


A favorite of mine...and a few select others:















Well, what the deal is, is that "they" just don't GET IT!!!! Get what? Several things. MetaC even wrote me...and thanked me (and all the fuck they've done) for doing the work I have with KPT 5 FraxFlame, as previous to me taking a close look at it...IT WAS LOOSING MONEY..and was a complete DEAD DUCK!!! Now, it's alive as ever!!!! Big deal, huh? As I sent them a proposal and they in-turn have TOTALLY fucking ignored me!? No, this wasn't an unsolicited proposal, but was in response to the Lead Engineer for this program writing me and asking for a poster of one of my images, and in a follow up message stated that 'they' wouldn entertain any proposal I might have. Fucking liars!!! Dude even had the balls to ask me to send him the preset for this image...Yeah, right asshole!!!


I even had the dude who originated the code write me and explain how that even *he* was surprised to see that the program could do what I have done with it.


You'd have to know a little bit about the history of the program, and how people WEREN'T able to figure out how in the hell to use this particular module to fully understand what I'm talking about. But basically all anyone could get out of it was 'squiggly lines'...and that was all. When I started cranking out what you see, people started loosing it...from several perspectives. One, the 'fractal purists' got pissed cuz there was 'no math'...yet here were these AWESOME looking true-blue fractals!!!! The purist artists types, attacked with comments about that all one did was to click and look for something 'cool', and THAT wasn't the proper artistic process...and then, there were the Bryce people on the KPT List who took GREAT offense that all of a sudden Bryce wasn't the focus of attention...and discounted my work as not having any practical use.


Now, riding along with all of this is...and still is...the fact that...NOT ANYONE HAS BEEN ABLE TO REPRODUCE WHAT I'M DOING!!!!! Big Giggle...close, but no cigars!!!!!



Later dude!




Photo Manipulation/Digital Interpretations
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 10:49:13 -0600
"Bryan A. Smith" <bryan@thinkpiece.com>
"digitalartistry@onelist.com" <digitalartistry@onelist.com>, "digitalart@onelist.com" <digitalart@onelist.com>

Greets all:

...while I've been wanting to move myself and my work in another direction for sometime, I finally have something to show for
it...but only after a considerable amount of time, effort and frustration...

...especially after my 21 monitor went on the blink (it's been good--over five years old)--not being able to find anyone to work
on it (I'm out in the boonies)...and then not being able to fine a 68 pin cable for my HP scanner for my newer machine (yeah, I
know do it over the Internet--I will), and then having to swap monitors to the machine that does have the correct PIN
connector on account of that the Kodak processing center did what *they* wanted and created a Picture CD instead of a
Photo CD--meaning, I had to scan the pictures myself--and ferry them between machines using my ZIP Drive...

Oh, there's more...like having to visit the vendor who did the "intake center" for the Kodak processing...and having them give
me that famous "thousand yard stare" when I asked about file specifications, etc. "Uh, I don't see anything on "the sheet!?"
Took four visits to the place until they surrendered and coughed up an 800 number to the place that REALLY does the
processing. Then, it took FOUR calls to *that* to finally find someone who would do more than read off the sheet--bless
"Pedro"--that was his name...he was able to give me all the information I needed and said that most vendor's weren't aware
that they were entitled to *all* the services that Kodak offered. He then gave me specific instructions on how to get a Photo
CD--not a Picture CD created. Okay, I thought--"we be good." NOT...guess the processing center didn't think I was entitled
to a Photo CD and went ahead and processed the picts as a Picture CD. Geez, so that sent me back to square one...and am
having the Photo CD done anyway...just to get them and everyone else use being asked. ;-)
The purpose of this blather is really not about me whinning, but about passing on information if you happen to want to use the
Kodak CD photo services.

Anyway, back OT (kinda)...and despite the foregoing, I knew that the *real* weak link in the chain to my success with "the
change" was my inability to take photographs. ;-) I have an "old" SLR--Minolta Maxxum 5000i--with a Vivitar 200 MM
lens--auto everything (can do full manual as well) , and a Minolta 140 EX Riva Zoom. Both do farily well on their own. During
my artistic adventures, I have been fortunate to be around several great photographers, and picked up some good
information--most of which I am or was unable to use. Two of these photographers, in addition to their knowledge of the
camera had specific talents relating to composition, cropping and composition. The part that I never could really understand,
was learning how the camera "sees" tho. Most took copious notes on each shot...yeah, right. Yeah, I'd RTFM if I could find
it/one...and after a lengthy investigation of digital format cameras, I found that in order to get the files I need for large format
reproduction (posters) I'd have to spend around 10 grand plus, or travel to where I could rent a camera that would do the job.

But being bullheaded and wanting to do this, I perservered...as I know the idea of photo manipuluation is NOT a new
concept...been used and done forever...but I wanted to keep it original...and that meant taking my own photos. I've been a
long time admirer of the person who does the photo manipulations at the Church Of The Subgenius--but ya know...really can't
do that kind of "thing" at *my* site ;-)

So, with both cameras in hand (really in my car)...about a month ago I started carrying them with me everywhere I went around
the local area...and that's the neat part. I had for a long time seen various "interesting subjects" all around the local area where I
live (Western Kentucky). I know for the most part that we are used to having, seeing and possessing "new stuff"...and for
reasons unknown to me am somewhat attracted to the "old, archaic and discarded". May have something to do with my
perception of self, life or something...I just find "it" more interesting...but anyway, when I started "looking"...I "found".

Still in the "learning phase"...after I got back a close-up I was horrified to find all kinds of "lint looking" crap on a couple of my
favorite shots...dunno...my lens was dirty...know I need to keep it clean...maybe the processing center? Also "auto" does
NOT mean you automatically get a good shot...no way...lighting, lighting, lighting...may even have to invest in some kind of
scheme to reflect light and/or create artificial light...cloudy days are good...but also can create too much shadow...anyway,
learned that I need to take time to look around inside my view finder a lot first. Guess that means I've got come back to places
at different times of the day...hmmmm. Found out why you need a tripod...geez do I ever shake when shooting a telephoto
object...giggle...was pleased to get three to four good shots per roll.

The other "horror" was discovering how much time it took me to prepare each image--scanning, cropping, resizing the images,
uploading to my database, etc. Hell, the actual "photo manipulations" were the EASY PART!?!? ;-)

Okay...presentation time. The idea was to offer the some worthwhile 'artsy fartsy' photo shots...and then take the same image
and do a series of "digital interpretations". So I did...and have.

The first series is named "barn 1"...it is also my Image Of The Week...and the gallery intro page (four thumbnail picts) can be
accessed directly at:


You can also get there by going to my Entry Point Page...or by going to either my Site Index or my Image Section. Altho the
orientation of this composition does not make for a good desktop wallpaper, I have
made the images available at larger resolutions.

Also for those interested in such things...along with each image I have included descriptions and parameters for all the
processes/tools I used to create the "digital interpretations".

I have several other photos I've treated in other similar fashions, and will post them during the week...and have, in the
meantime, created another gallery which I'm going to use as a "staging area" and have called it
"filter fodder fotos". There's a series of six photos there, and the direct URL to the Intro Page is:


Altho not yet "treated", I have provided these images in desktop wallpaper/background sized formats.

I know this is long...and profusely apologize for it...and hope that I have provided some useful information for you, and
something half-way interesting for you to view. However, I offer a word of warning that I use KPT filters in several of the
other photos...so, if you see this same post to the KPT List next week...I'll be sure to put the new information at the beginning
of the post and those of you who subscribe to the lists that this post was sent can quickly read the new information. ;-)


Cheers and regards