Re: Digital Art for Bombay now
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 05:34:26 -1000

Preeti Gopalkrishnan <>

Dear Pretty,

I gave up on Bombay yesterday, very depressed over situation, started to
focus totally on Calcutta which is a huge job in itself. But now your
email gives me new hope. It seems you do have the necessary conviction
and energy to possibly get the show manifested.

Are you a digital artist? If so, do you want to be in the show(s)? If
so, send me your 3 jpgs for Calcutta show.

Costs for Bombay show can really be reduced if Shuhbo makes laser copies
of the art prints he will produce at commercial print company. Then
laser, which actually will last longer than the "fine arts" printouts,
can be mailed to Bombay. But we need to make quick decisions.

You already have gallery name.
Here's all numbers for Mr. Huja-

Huja, R.S.
Home (Pune) (212)5887355
Bombay -(022) 7631305 residence
Bombay (022) 2854695 office

Good luck and send your pictures if you have.
Shucks, things tooooooo formal in your part of the planet. Here, I
could just go to a elementary school, show the work, and get an exhibit
in their library space. Administrators love this because it is FREE,
makes their school appear progressive (digital art) and the CHILDREN
benefit from the exposure of THE art of their generation.

If not enough strings for that gallery with Mr. Huja, then maybe just do
something small at a school or even coffee cafe or MacDonald's?

Please write back very soon if anything can be done. Otherwise, like I
told SHuhbo, I am obligated to come to Bombay already (flight scheduled
and promised Dr. Huja to visit his father's seemingly palace in Pune)

Hey, maybe you work with Huja if gallery fails just to do OUR show in
Pune instead (just go to and
printout on cheap inkjet home printer) at school or... with the
influence and thick strings(rope?) they have there from what I hear,
Huja's father can get us the museum there.

Give it a shot, if nothing, oh well, I come and can you two take me to a
disco club so I can just dance?

Disco Doc

Preeti Gopalkrishnan wrote:
> Hi there Pygoya.....
> thanx a lot for that mail. Its only such things that
> keep us going. And as for being a strong influnce on
> Yogi, actually its my interest in having the show
> thats rubbing off on him!! I am very keen ....about as
> much as u r to have the event here. But the scene here
> is not conducive to having such events unless one is
> able to pull a few strings here and there. Thats why
> having someone like Mr. Huja is definitely gonna help.
> So now we have some incentive to work cos' the
> gallery's been fixed. From here on we can try and take
> charge. Believe me....we r gonna give it our best shot
> and hope for the best.....
> Will keep u apprised of any developments and sorry for
> not having written back to u earlier (had some probs
> with my comp.) And thanx for ur cordial invitation
> into this team.
> Regards,
> Preeti.
> =====
> Dear Yogi and Preeti,

After so much turmoil and stress in the effort to show in Bombay I have
decided to forgo coming to Bombay. So much more work is needed to put
together a professional exhibition in Calcutta. Still need to try for
paper catalog, invitations, complete online catalog at,
hotel reservations, framing, prepare lecture on digital art, etc.

Thank you both for trying but it is too late. Maybe next time.

If you and Preeti (if she is a digital artist) want to participate in
the Calcutta show, please send me you jpgs in the next 2 days along with
a statement of your work. Shubho is readying to get files together for
printing, catalog, etc. We could use more Indian artists.

I will stay in Calcutta Dec. 9-12 and hope to see you there. If you come
we can plan on future Bombay possibilities.

Shuhbo and I have been in constant email contact (several times daily)
for weeks and that is the sort of communication (yes, demanding) and
commitment it takes to make an international show like this successful.
To finally, like you, give up on hopes for Bombay, makes my energies
more centered and consequently the Calcutta show will be a better

Hope I see your work in my email in 2 days (Oct. 12). Otherwise I will
take none sent as your indication you personally are no longer in
participating in this lst international digital art show for India.


Dr. Rodney Chang


Re: New Development!
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 20:14:02 -0800 (PST)
Shubhojoy Mitra <>

Okay. That will give us more time to set things for


--- Pygoya <> wrote:
> Hiya Shubho,
> Just got a call from the travel agent, that to go to
> Bombay besides
> Calcutta, will cost an extra $650 from Honolulu!!!
> Why so much?
> According to her, sticking to the same dates,
> different airline
> carriers, different routing plus the actual $150
> from Bombay and back to
> Calcutta.
> I don't think it's worth it. Could get some
> cyberbrain hardware with
> that.
> Look, life would be much simpler, cheaper, if at
> this point we forget a
> mirror show in Bombay and just focus all energies on
> Calcutta. Since no
> gallery date and from your response from your call
> to the gallery, even
> with big names backing you, you sense little
> interest in digital art,
> then let's throw in the towel now. I can come back
> some other time and
> exhibit in Bombay when it's not so hectic.
> Is this alright with you, I spend the total 8 days
> in Calcutta, in a
> hotel with a disco downstairs?
> More time to work on and possibly be setting up
> cyberbrains, work of COC
> beta with you?
> If this sounds more sane, I'll email Preeti and tell
> her my change of
> plans immediately to save her time and effort. So
> please let me know as
> soon as possible.
> PY

Sun, 14 Nov 1999 13:38:28 -1000
pygoya <>
Yogi Chopra <>

Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Dear Rodney,
> I know u must be very disillusioned with me…esp. cos'
> I am writing back after 4 days. But u see, I had to
> have something concrete to tell u when I wrote back
> and hence the delay. To tell you frankly I was
> terribly shocked to see the mails and so was Pretty….
> esp. she becos u had sent her 2 mails on the same day,
> which was very ironical. In the first, u said u were
> frustrated with efforts going in vain in B'bay, but
> hopes were pinned on us. And then we receive this mail
> saying u r foregoing B'bay trip the same day. Then as
> u may know, I spoke to Shubho that nite.
> I admit that I haven't done justice to the show as
> Shubho has, …he's doing a great job out there, but u
> have to understand that our circumstances r different.
> I am young and still in college...very fortunate to
> get a very good job.... and dedicated to our dream
> sorry but I have not given up....and I will not
> ....My main drawback is that I DONT have enough
> contacts in Bombay to generate funds for our show.
> I have been on my toes even before I received ur mail
> and now I have if at all only stepped up the gas!! I
> have yet again contacted 5-6 people regarding our show
> during the last 3 days...I will be grateful to u if u
> could wait for a few more days and not shelve the plan
> for the show. I will be contacting Dr Huja's brother
> too in Pune ...My contention is that a lot of people
> here have suggested about going ahead with the show in
> B'bay in January'2000, in which case I have been
> assured of financial aid. So even if things don’t work
> out soon enough for Dec'99, we can still have the
> event at a later date.
> A new gaming site ( had approached
> me for a job in their co. He was very impressed by the
> "digital art" concept and we plan to team up. He said
> he will try his best to make this show possible ...but
> said he could even get enough media coverage, and by
> the looks of it he seems to have the so-called strings
> to pull! Will let u know how things shape up on that
> front.
> And now for that million-dollar question…have u
> absolutely ruled out coming to B'bay? Becos we….
> Pretty and me… were very keen to have u here for the
> show. And what about Poona…. will be visiting ur
> friend's father? So pls. let us know what the scene is
> like.
> I shall write in soon...pls. wait for my mail
> ................. though I know it’s a tough ask!!
> Regards
> Yogi and on behalf of Preeti
> =====
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DEAR Yogi and Preeti,

Through sporadic and far and inbetween communication (as fast as my trip
is approaching) I am relieved you remain the original Yogi I became
acquainted with back in August after surfing the Web for any Indian
artist doing digital art. It is obvious to me you remain "Sincerely
Dedicated to Digital Art Evolution in India"!

I know it's been tough psychologically dealing with the "situation" in
Bombay, half hearted "strings" of contacts and my seemingly ironical
nature. Here's why-

I become pressured in these situations when the due date (departure)
approaches imminently. I need to start make real decision, cutting back
on open end projects, issues, to start concentrating on the guaranteed
to insure I do what is set with focus and perfection as best as can be
achieved in the remaining amount of time and resources. As such Bombay
was cut from this year's trip (I'll be back!). Don't take it personally,
I still have to face Dr. Huja and his efforts to force to me to visit
his famous father and mansion in Pune when I take that last series of
shots to the arm (he'll probably stabl me good!)

Foremost that dealed the fate of no Bombay in 1999 was the same day
telephone call (day I wrote twice to you and Preeti) by my travel agent.
Turns out shockingly that they demanded an extra $650 to include Bombay
to the revised original itinerary due to penalities for changes and
changed routes and airlines. That I felt was ridiculous and I planned
on this trip to be economic, noncommercial (no sales of art intented).

So foremost this decision was based on money.

Now that you have again communicated, I welcome your (and Preeti's) full
support for the Calcutta show. Do you both have images you can quickly
email me so I can update the online catalog? Printing by Shubho from
such may start this week! Also include Greetings to the international
artist participating from Bombay and wet their appetites by informing
them there may be another folow up show in Bombay for 2000. If so, I'd
love to work with you and Preeti on it, tho I'll be somewhat also busy
working on my planned Europe show which you are also invited to
participate in.

If, if you have time, start building new online exhibit/content for I'm curious to see how YOU would archive this Calcutta
event as an Indian citizen and artist. If no time, oh well... but then
please feel free to take all from my catalog to mirror at yours as your
site is still NUMBER ONE on the Web to promote our digital art cause,
India and the world at-large.
You and Shubho are among the last artists to get their work in to me!!!
I want to wrap out this project to move on to others before my trip.

Hope you can make the trip to Calcutta!

Have been inspired to write about digital art to use as papers to hand
out at Press conferences in Calcutta. See, feel free to copy and
distribute, the last two articles on the bottom of the page (Nov. 13
dated) of my arts journal at
Your friend,


Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 11:57:47 -0800 (PST)
From: Yogi Chopra <>
Subject: Re: India show

Dear Sir,
I have been thro the exhibit URL thoroughly and
wanted to make some changes surname is spelled
wrong in some places ...(COPRA) it should be CHOPRA...
and ...sir, im not an art graduate.
i still deciding on which images to send for the show
...can i send more then 3?

I have decided.........!
Even if i cannot make it to Calcutta i will be in
Constant touch b4 the show and i have planned to
create a special site ith full of information on our
show..and the artists and but ofcourse YOU...on the
center stage.

I am going to make customized AD banners which will
be incorporated on everyones well as related promote this event online..

I plan to make a FLASH and NON-FLASH version...the
Flash version will be the one to watch..!!!

i will try my level best to contribute to our show by
providing all the information in a very presentable
and professional manner ONLINE....

for this i will need your and Subhojoys co-operation
to send me all the images/artworks of the show...asap

yours truly,
Yogi Chopra

The piece of yours in stays in as it is marveled by the critic's review.
Congratulations! If you rush a maximum of 3 jpegs I upload and buy for
your framing. But hurray, Shubho (contact him) is getting ready to
printout the work and he wants to do it all at once.


> Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 09:23:09 -1000

Subject: Re: Digital art
References: <>
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Hi Yogi,

Glad to hear you might be coming to Calcutta. I would really like to
meet with you in person and plan Mumbai digital art exhibit in 2000.

Can you send me a photo of you and the panels in the festival with
Calcutta and digital art displayed? Especially also some close up to see
your art displayed in festival. You can also printout any of my Calcutta
jpgs and display l or so on the panel and photo to me. With this series
of photos I want to build a page with such photos and link to the
Calcutta online catalog! I think this will help with publicity for
Mumbai and show the world digital art is spreading around India in the
new century.

The printing of the art is done I believe. Shubho said all printing done
Monday. All are around the same size and the frames have been ordered
and all paid by me, including yours. SHubho now needs to keep all his
precious time on so many other duties as volunteer. Today and tomorrow
it's printing and mailing invitations and supervising putting together
of color catalog of show. He found an Indian company to sponsor the
publication! For my American Center presentation I want you to come up
and explain what you are doing for digital art in Mumbai and bring
examples of your work to show Indian digital art samples. Is this OK?
Also, they will have computer system with large screen so you can bring
up your and show the Calcutta online catalog version that you
have made! Can you do it? Let me know as soon as possible if your
company says OK to your trip. Then I can work you formally into the
American Center program.

My family regret I am leaving for India around their holiday vacation
time. They don't care about digital art like us but just want their
father to stay home where he belongs.

Send url of you site's Calcutta show version.


Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Dear Rodney / Subhojoy,
> Hi there!!! how are are the preparations going for te show...!
> I hope you are all set to come to India and all your last moment arrangements
> are done..I wonder how your family feels about this show in INDIA.....well i
> have lots to tell u all.
> Right now im verry busy in completing my projects....we have a deadline of 5th
> dec to prepare our co.'s info etc..on a CD presentation ...i did find time to
> take part in the MTDC(Maharashtra Tourism Dev Corp) Festival /Fair....its held
> every year since 5 yrs to promote tourism in Maharashtra & Mumbai(Bombay)....all
> the arrangements of the outputs were made on i was informed late by
> the Art Association im part of.....i couldnt take a last min off from the office
> and thanks to Preeti who took over and made all the arrangements for me.....i
> have around 6 good outputs now ....including two very good looking
> fwd to send them to soon as possible.....this festival is held every
> Sunday in the art capital of Bombay..for 7 sundays ...though people come here
> specially to witness our culture , art ....performing art etc...tourists come
> here in many nos.
> Exhibiting Digital art out here is a bit unusual and unconventional.....but
> i felt it wa the perfect place to show an artlover something he/she will never
> expect....I have got around 9 panels which can accomodate 20+ artworks easily
> i have decided to put not only 8+ artwork which i have, but also all the
> information about our cause to promote digital art,,,about calcutta show ,,Pygoya
> etc...and not the least which will really gain from this fair/
> finally im doing something to promote digital art....only few people actually
> stopped to ask questions but people who did seemed happy and enthusiastic.....!
> I have just asked my co. if i could take a 5 day leave to come to Calcutta.....yes
> im very keen on coming there!and be a part of the show...and they have told me
> they will let me know by 2 days....if i do get the permission to come....i hope
> i get the train tickets soon as possible...i will keep u updated about the
> situation out here....if possible pls postpone the printing of my artworks as
> i already have them .....and i will get them if i come.
> yours truly,
> Yogi.Chopra