For ages, India has been the centre of various forms of art, be it stone sculpting, woodcarving or painting. However with advancement in technology, newer and more modern forms are gaining ground. Digital Art belongs to the new age. While it has gained acceptance in many places the world over, it is only slowly gaining popularity in India.



With the aim of creating awareness of this form of art in India, was developed a year and a half ago. Ever since its inception, it has been promoting Digital art and artists from India and the world over. Each artist has an online gallery of his/ her works without any restriction on the number of artworks and what's more…it's free of cost. is now moving from the 'virtual' to the 'real' world and besides providing artists a their own online gallery, is also giving them an opportunity to participate in its real world shows. In the first of its 'real world' ventures, it was a participant at the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) fair at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. The artworks of Yogi Chopra, conceptualist and were displayed in this exhibition. The site also has other activities in the pipeline like the Kala Ghoda art fair, scheduled to commence on the 1st of February 2000 and go on till the 14th of the month. plans to provide a platform to upcoming Digital artists from India by showcasing their works at this fair.



We are also proud to inform you that was the organizer, co-sponsor and participant of the first- ever International Digital art show to be held in India. This historic event began on the 11th of December and went on till the 16th of December. It was held in Calcutta at the prestigious Oxford Bookstore Gallery from whom we received tremendous support and backing. The show was organized in collaboration with Cyber brains, the brain child of Dr. Rodney 'Pygoya' Chang, a cyber artist and Web Art Guru based in Hawaii, USA who has the distinction of being the pioneer of this art form in China. Dr. Rodney Chang along with 10 other international Digital artists including 2 Indians, Shubhojoy Mitra from Calcutta and Yogi Chopra from Mumbai participated in the event. Dr. Chang was the only visiting artist for the show. He addressed a small but distinguished group of artists and art critics at the US Consulate on the scope and future of this modern artform. Caltiger, an ISP of Calcutta , sponsored the show catalogues and brochures.


The Calcutta show received an impressive response and extensive media coverage.

Media coverage: Telegraph, Statesman, and Economic Times newspaper,India Today national weekly magazine

Zee TV News, Star TV -Good Morning India Show, Bengali TV;


The Calcutta show will now travel to New York City, Belgium and Thailand, lending it an International flavour in the true sense of the term. As a follow- up to the Calcutta event, is now hosting the show in Mumbai in April 2000.



The show in Mumbai will be held on the same lines as the Calcutta show with a similar talk on Digital art by Dr. Chang, but more artists and works will be featured. Our first step will be to procure a suitable gallery and arrange for suitable dates.




We solicit an eager response and welcome any help from those who share our dream of promoting the Art of the Future.


Waiting for your reply.

Yogi Chopra