Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 13:07:14 +1000


Hi there


My name is Linda, I'm 56 years old, an artist/illustrator, in Australia


I have enjoyed a life time of working as an artist, both commercial and fine.

However, the mediums I was using ... pastels, oils were beginning to affect my health.

So, I recently began to experiment with digital work

This has given me a "new lease of life"

I don't know of any other artists here in Australia who are working in this way,

I think many feel that it is not "pure" !!!

You can imagine, I was delighted to have discovered your page

I did submit to be part of your 'ring', don't know if I did it correctly

Meanwhile, if you would be kind enough to take a look at my home-page


lindamartin.jpg (54006 bytes)


Dear Rodney

Firstly, I must say, that when I sent my e-mail, I did not know to whom I
was addressing it ...
I was delighted to receive a reply from you !!!
So ...I'd also like to say 'congratulations'.
Finding your web-site was a 'dream come true' for me.

My lungs had become affected by pastel dust, after which, even the smell of
turps began to make me quite ill.
I packed away my 'tools', thinking ... there goes a lifetime of enjoyment
and experience.
Bought a small graphics tablet and simple stylus and was amazed ... I had
found a way to draw and paint, and stay well !
I used Publishers Micrografx to do those small illustrations. I do have
Adobe Illustrator 8, but haven't tried it yet.
The alien picture is the only one I have done, with no pre-conceived idea of
where I was going with it, just used the smearing brush to pull the colours
around. I loved it from the beginning, found I was even wiping 'paint' from
the end of the stylus !!
But I live in a small country town and when I told my arty friends that I
was now using the computer, they replied, 'oh, what a shame'.
There was noone to share my new-found joy so I went 'underground'.
I designed my home-page last week and my 20 year old son (ARM digital
enterprises) put it on the web for me.
Then, surfing the web yesterday, I discovered your site, and that I was not
alone after all, and, what's more, this art form has been accepted!!!

As I wrote on my home-page, I do believe that we are living at a most
important turning point for humanity.
I have just set foot into cyberspace, and I see, Rodney, that you are well
and truly out there, leading the way.
You have my admiration, not only as a gifted artist, but, remembering my art
history lessons, you are up there with, probably even surpassed, those who
dared, long ago.
You are an inspiration

I do appreciate that you have taken the time to reply.
I am honoured to 'meet'you.
Warm regards
in the Hastings River valley, at Wauchope, Australia


Subject: Yet another exciting email from CyberartLand!
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Hi again,

Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Here's a dream that crashed along the way. It was written in 1992,
before the availability of cyberspace. So it is a historical note to
what I, as a digital artist, was planning for the year 2000, before the
Web came along. For the records, ended up with around 200, down $100,000
paid to painters! Got married, couldn't afford this project anymore.

To see the digital art as actual paint on canvases (this should really
confuse your disbelieving of digital art as fine arts) bookmark (you
can't see it all at one time, especially without a fine glass of wine
and disco background music!) -

By the way, is Australia along the way?

Off to India in December, having organized that country's lst digital
art show, just beating out 2000! I don't know if I travel, stop over, in
Australia, Philippines or Tokyo from Hawaii where I live. If Aussie,
maybe we could meet at the airport while the plane refuels.

Hey maybe if your digital art matures quickly, you can come along to
India as the digital artist representing Australia! Calcutta and

Hey, we share opportunties in cyberspace and as digitalized artists.
Freak out your friends and tell 'um - "want to come along? invited to
display my digital art in India"


I would most certainly appreciate any feed-back you might be kind enough to offer

I am very much alone in this area, but I am so enthusiastic about cyberspace, and the potential for

those who are creative


Thank you


Warm regards


Linda (stargazer 101)