September 24, 1999


Hi there Gem,

Received your e-mail. looks like a blast so I would like to send this
to you before I print it out and read it in depth.
Besides, I'd like to have breakfast first !!!!
Firstly, please don't get the wrong impression...
I am not claiming to be a 'professional' anything ...
except maybe dish-washer, lunch-cutter ....
Just love what I do when it comes out from within me.
"Pioneer Spirit" is only a short story, have it on file so will e-mail it to
you as soon as I find it.
I have had articles published and 13 children's stories, but pioneer spirit
was something I did, self-published with the help of a friendly local
sold all of them except the one I have left !!!!( did only 100 or so).

It's about a period in my life, from about 1976.

Like to tell you this first...

Just over 200 years ago, eleven ships arrived at this vast, inhospitable
They returned to England, leaving behind about one thousand people.
The role of these people was to establish a colony.
in a new land that had been discovered by Captain Cook
ten years earlier (when they came to look for a southern land from which to
navigate the stars..venus, I think)
Most of these 'dumped' people didn't have a choice, they were in chains ( my
It was two years before another ship came back, because, besides the fact
that one or two sank along the perilous journey, the truth was that they
weren't sure of where the place was exactly, and had to find it again.
During those two years, remembering that there was no contact with, or news
from, 'home',
the colony floundered. Crops failed, people starved, died, there was much
drunkenness and stealing.
However, some had a pioneering spirit, after many attempts, three men
eventually found a way through the dense
bush, across the mountain range west of the settlement at Sydney Cove.
They made maps and thus was opened up a way for others to follow.

There is great power in the joy of new beginnings, and newly-opened lands...
refers to many levels ... material, emotional, mental... and the struggle
for development in those areas.

It takes determination, commitment and courage to take up the challenge of
new frontiers
and even more, to be a pioneer who leads the way.

I didn't paint last night. Travelled through your archives.
When Luke came home about 12:30, he asked what I was doing, because I was
just sitting in front of 'to Russia with love.'
I was feeling the same emotion as I experienced, about 10 years ago, when I
stood in front of my first real Titian (Reubens and the Renaissance
exhibition came to Australia)

Now, one can discuss, disagree, 'what is art' and whether the computer is a
tool or a paintbrush is a tool or whether we should be using our fingers to
paint on the walls of some cyber-cave.

I can only say this. There are 11 million people in China who are about to
become netizens.
If that painting reaches just one person, one who might never set foot in an
actual studio, gallery or museum,
then, my dearest Pygoya, you have made a difference.

You have opened up a way... for someone to see, feel and grow.

One of my favourite movies is Dead Poet's Society, when Robin Williams asks
the boys to stand on the desk, that they might see from another perspective.
And, in Pleasantville, what it was like for our generation to become free
from the rigidity of the rules
and routine. Sure, we lost something, but we gained the freedom of
That is what my little book is about.
The recent earthquakes are a reminder that, in less than five seconds, we
can share in a most levelling experience and find ourselves as homeless as
someone on the streets of Calcutta.
So, carpe diem-on, Gem, I don't think there has been a day in your life that
you haven't seized, tho.

I hope that our collision in Cyberspace in no way knocks you off course. My
only wish is to tell it as I see it, through the eyes of an Alice who has
landed with a bump and is looking around ....
thanks for listening

I'm off to breakfast, and to read your mail

Have a good day ...

Get back to you soon...


Oct 9 99


Wonderful that your Cyberart was accepted into Aloha.
Your work is soooooo beautiful.
I really love one in particular on that site,
the one with the reflections in the water.
Superb!!! Magical !!!!!

You must have worked hard at it .... acceptance of digital art, I mean.
I don't imagine that any would get past the front door here,
Might be interesting to put it to the test when I improve,
enter one in an 'open' section, medium ?...'digital,'
can you imagine the fuss?
Sure that they would class it as a print.
I'd need to 'know my stuff' so I
could come back with an answer to that one.