Got out the gouache and brushes yesterday
after so long to see how it felt..
well, let me tell you..

it was

not enjoyable
can't do it anymore !!!!!
spoilt forever I think..
just wanted my magical, brilliant, instant colours..
I wanted to push, pull, burn, dodge and filter..
I wanted light effects and texture !!!!!!!!!!
boo hoo.........booooooo hhhhooooooooooo

so the tubes are packed away again.
interesting eh.
but I just wanted to try...
because was considering doing
traditional work for my exhibition here
in Wauchope in August,
well, no go.
will have to find a way to print my beautiful digital stuff
in such a way that I can say to buyers that it won't fade in time..

no turning back to the cave walls now..



Linda Martin, Australia, March 16, 2000