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08/25/2004: "Art For the Sake of Joy"

Art is a field where its members "take things personally". It is a field of ego. Is it possible in any other way? No matter if you are an artist, a curator, a critic, a collector, or a sales adviser, art is a field of subjective ideas - by its nature it is a field of ego. We think, we create, we perform, we comment. And we expect applause. Applause - the one and only source of energy in the field of art. Or else, why would one bother to share one's work? If it was for the "joy" of creation one would not sign underneath the work, one would not share it with a second person even if that is the closest person in the world.

Starting from childhood, once approved or admired by their family or teachers or friends, people get addicted to the applause. And art is one field where there is no other prize. Evaluations can be based on guidelines, based on history and research. However a piece would touch your soul or it wouldn't. That can never be predicted or defined by guidelines.

In order to survive in the field of art, one has to understand the value of ego, accept it by all means and live with it. Listen to the critics of all nature, use them for improvement, enjoy success when it is there and learn from failures, but never be drawn in sadness or lost in ecstasy.

Create art for the sake of 'joy' . And take it personally, because joy is personal.

Alev Oguz

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on Wednesday, August 25th, Tom Lund-lack said

In a world where we are all bombarded by words, I often find it difficult to separate profound statements that really move me. Alev's have done just that - she has defined the reason I paint.