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Anne Harris, R2001 Art Ring Member

Anne Harris Vastaanottaja: Päivä: 9. tammikuuta 1999 23:16 Aihe: [r2001 01565] Re: Year 2000


The drawing only becomes art when the very soul of the artist is >put into it and the viewer can feel it.  The future of art? It doesn't matter what the >medium, but it should be available for the whole world to see and be >nutured by it, and that can only happen on the internet. That's where >R2001 comes in. BRAVO R2001~ Anne I agree with your comments Anne. And.... I don't mean to disagree about the "internet part", because I feel the same, but all, think about it: Some 2% of world population have internet access today. Can we ever dream of going above 10%? Can we call that the whole world? Well, there may be nothing I/we can do about this, but now and then it makes me think. Aleksi Aaltonen