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>Gerald- an important factor not to over-look--the ability to DO ART

>directly onto the computer. I am a professional artist, having had

>studio and a gallery to show my works for many years. Now I am old and

>frail but I still make a lot of art--without studio and paints, etc. by

>using Fauve-Matisse software. It is energy-sparing, and my work has the

>same style, flavor, etc. as always. Some of it is printed out to make

>books, all of it stored in files, and with that the ability to net-work

>with other artists. your idea of a treatise on the subject is GREAT.



Well Anne, thanks for responding - and you provide an excellent

illustration and example of my basic point: the computer is merely a

tool, the all-important art content comes from people, from their hearts

and minds. Personally, I am delighted that the computer enables you to

sidestep the effects of physical frailty, and to show the world the

STRENGTH of your creativity....

Gerald O'Connell


From: "Ansgard Thomson" <>

Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 10:36:04 -0000

Hi Rodney
Glad you liked my webart.
Wish me luck.I am entering my total page in Prix Ars
in Austria again for getting the book again,because
winning that competition is more difficult then any other
I also enter "Havens Gate in Cyberspace" and 2 prints
of Computer Graphics in the Jury show of the Alberta
Community Art Clubs Association.
This is the first time I expose Computer generated Art
to this show.
I trust I will be challenged and they will not select my work.
2 of the judges are former teachers.
Alberta had pixel Painters about 10years ago including
the famous Indian,who lives in Hawaii now.
Well the show is in May.
Will see.