Re: We need you for ART!
Wed, 26 Dec 2001 18:22:25 -0400
"joeser alvarez" <>


hi, Pygoya

I liked the exhibition organized by you ...
all the art works are very nice and I feel proud of doing part of the show
I will be disclosing everything here in the amazônia and I will also send
news to the rest of the Brasil
I would like to ask it a small favor, if possible:
to change the e-mail addresses (what appears it is it of my work in the
and the web-site (that is my personnel)

I liked the proposal of the itnerant show, and I have interest of taking it
I will enter in contact with the university of the which I am part and I
will try to get right some dates and means to do it. the idea of the change
is sensational, and really like you says, the future walks in that
direction. congratulations!
I will be translating your texts for the Portuguese and I will send others
to you that I have for here.
I am part of the Hermeneutic Present Center in my university, and for us
it will be a pleasure to change experiences with you and the institutions of
the which it is part.

again I thank it the opportunity to participate together with so many
artists of several countries of that international exhibition

a great hug and success.
you deserve!

joesér alvarez