Hawaii, Art and the Information Age
Collaborative Artists in Multimedia Dimensions

- March 1-26, 1999

Joint exhibition by Hawaii Computer Art society and the Association of Hawaii Artists

at the AMFAC CENTER GALLERY, Amfac Center in downtown Honolulu


AHA VP's Commentary

I consider this a historic and significant moment in Hawaii's local art scene. At a glance both groups' works blend in wonderfully, providing a coherent body of works through a thoughtful installation by Murray Breen.  Only by close inspection of the individual pieces can one decipher whether works of art are digital or traditional art media. FINALLY,, with this show, the question as to whether digtital imagery IS art is answered for the local art community at large. Should the question ever arise in the future, I shall consider it asked out of ignorance, refer to this exhibition and/or consider the question moot.

- Rodney Chang, PhD (aesthetic psychology), digital artist (since 1985)