Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 3:34 PM

 Dear Dick,

 I couldn't help 'respond' to your wonderful cartoon on the state of the arts here in Hawaii.  This is my reaction to your cartoon as a frustrated and tired local warrior for building a local population's consciousness that new art is emerging from these islands.  Ample lead time to the right departments have twice now disappointed my moment of truth and not finding my opening receptions printed. Not a blurb.  No Ink.  Nobody notices.  Why bother.  Even targeting with "Destination Hawaii" couldn't get anybody from the Governor's office nor the Hawaii Tourist Authority to call back. As this historic moment occurs at the opening on First Friday, Che Pasta Cafe patrons can
later go online to see more "Destination Hawaii" works, but not by local Pygoya but by world artists. This local linkup is only the latest of a series of exhibitions we have been managing around the planet. 

 Would you print this, as an  independent artist's reaction to Lingle's cut.