March 5, 2005



HI Rod-PY!
The art disk looks sharp.
I hope they print out ...
did U try any of yours on the
Epson?  I would like to run a test
on one or two of the angels if you are
ever in the print making mode, let me know...
I can buy the arches papers at Hawaiian Graphics.
    I give Huston credit for choosing the most interesting
sport in the world: SURFING!  I love the beaches but never
take time to go there.  Now you have the perfect excuse to sit
there with your digital camera photographing the bikini wahines!
What a perfect subject for your next show!  You will not be bored
for an instant.  Give your faithful Pygoyatics what they really want but
are too polite to ask for: gorgeous babes at the beach (in various states
of seminudity.)  Do not delay.  Your future career will benefit beyond all
measure.  And Huston will benefit from the salt water, sun, and exercise.
Think how lucky you are to have such a good excuse to relax and kick
back!  It will radically alter your consciousness and you will never be
the same.  Before long you will be encouraging you son to surf more!
You don't believe that now, but later on, you will.  Sunshine is very
Habit forming.  Sometimes it is even enLIGHTen-ing!  
Yours Truly,