Email request by Australian high school student about how I became a computer artist, for essay on computer art-

> > Dear Rodney Chang
> > Hi my name is Tina. I'm a student at Lilydale
> > High School.
> >
> > I'm doing Ansignment on computer artist and I have Chossen you
> >
> > I was wondering if you could send me infomation on your slef
> > that would help me.
> >
> > what i have to do is write an essay on you and your work
> >
> > so if you can help me please send me anything
> > I'll use every thing you send me
> >
> > thank you very much
> >
> > yours faithfuly
> >
> > Tina

Dear Tina,

OK, we better get moving on your paper!

Here's the basic info sources-

Who's Pygoya? -
My Professional Info and Artist's Journal -
My virtual online museum -
My latest digital artworks -
My fun stuff-

And lastly, the answer to your specific question on how I got into
computer art-

I went to art graduate school in Chicago, Illinois. After that I spent 5
years searching for a reason to DO art, as it seems there were so many
living artists, centuries of art history and its artifacts and no strong
monetary ambition on my part. Like, why bother to make art as an
individual? That existential problem led me back to college where I
studied psychology and specifically, the philsophy of aesthetics and the
psychology of art. After all that, then I start to make art. First to
express my own personality and conjure up a personal visual expression.
Not married to any particular art media, I dabble for 4 years in
everything, from photography, ceramics, mixed media, painting and bronze
scupture. The common demoninator of all this play was a personal
philosophy as artist that I gained while studying art psychology and
learning more about "who am I"? The one day a fellow artist (art
professor) pulled me by the ear and led me to a commercial artist's
computer graphics system. It was the first system in Honolulu that could
do 256 colors and in 600x400 resolution. From that point on (1985) I was
hooked and dropped interest in dabbling in any other art medium. Since
then, as my webmuseum attests, I been "experimenting" with inventing new
imagery from hardware and software platforms that come and go. Even as
the "look" and technical capabilities of my tools expand, results of
different systems from different years revolve around a central theme
that serves as the glue for my computer art "style" - and that is, the
same painterly and subjective preferences that I inherited while in
graduate painting school. So, in essence, I believe my work has
importance and merit in the grand scheme of (art) things as it bridges
traditional Western contemporary painting with digital art as ONE artist
evolves in style and ability through the evolution of personal

There, Tina, you have my secret of why, as an artist, I remain
"dedicated" to this activity that rules my life.

Hope this helps,

Looking forward to reading your masterpiece. Have fun with it!

Pygoya, Web Artist

May 14, 1999