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Another month, another mammoth list ofWeb_Spaces. The format's been modified slightly again, but nothing too major. Like lastmonth, some of our favorites are to the right...
.indMesserschmidt's Mad Heads 
The beast
Android Personality Studies
Pixel paintings tutorials
It goes boing
PixArt Magazine Interview
WWII Poster Art 
Virtual Gallery
Patricia Erbelding eXhibition
Photoforum Worldwide exhibition
Art Guide
The Brigl Collection
Virtual Museum of Arts
Art on Film Online
"A Piece of the Future"
Moscow WWWArt Center
Artnetwork update
Art Online Contest
Lumonics Light and Sound
Obelisk CD Launch
Cyberlife's Creatures
That's Art
Ultimate Wall Easel

last months web spaces

Cyberlife's Creatures
the beast
Computer personality
WWII Poster Art
Virtual Museum of Arts
Virtual Writers

they sayFranz Xaver Messerschmidt's Mad Heads
  • a collection of lifesized head sculptors in various expressions
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    fromTom R Chambers
    they sayMother's 45s
  • I won't judge the actual writing, but the breadth and depth of information(News, Links, Reading Room, Submissions...) is great. 
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    fromJacques Servin
    they sayThe Beast
  • A Web piece that's been in a few exhibits
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    fromRobby Glen Garner
    they sayBOT - Android Personality Studies
  • hotlinks and resources related tothe work I'm doing in natural language interfaces and automata.I'll be adding to this as time permists.
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    fromSebastian Marquez
    they sayPixel paintings tutorials
  • Sebastian Marquez, artist and art teacher (painting in pixels) offers youaccess to his collection of art lessons and art projects for you to expand your own skills
  • Takuji is an amateur photographer who also works at Narita Airport. Apparently,when a suitably photogenic flight attendant steps off the plane, Takujimanages to get her to pose for shots that are just waiting for a perfumelogo at the bottom 
  • This is numbingly enchanting stuff, but I don't know if Takuji knows it...
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    fromKenneth A. Huff
    they sayIt goes Boing
  • uniquely organic images

  • .organisations
    fromby way of Paul Brown
    they sayVirtual Writers
  • massive collection of images, links and information
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    fromMichael Mott
    they sayPixArt Magazine Interview
  • Current artist interview is featured
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    fromMichael Lean
    they sayPowers of Persuasion: Poster Art from WWII
  • "Straight from the National Archives, this exhibit uses 33 World War IIpropaganda posters to illustrate "two psychological approaches used inrallying public support for the war." Half of the posters inspire andmotivate (from "United We Win" to "It's a Woman's War Too!"), and theothers instill fear and wariness ("This is Nazi Brutality")."
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    fromAlain Salvatore
    they sayCyber-varnishing day
  • along with the paintings on show there, you willfind texts in French, but you need not pay too much attention to them: theyall explain, in different ways, that words are a hindrance to vision ...
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    urlhttp://www.geocities.com/SoHo/2106 or
    they sayPatricia Erbelding eXhibition at Dhalgren's
    "Corps Perdus" (Lost Bodies)
  • [...] bodies in tainted wax, maps of the veins, radiographyof translucid bodies, the fragile skin, to see through thebody's transparencies, the wax extending the fugitivevision of the dissection [...]
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    fromTom R. Chambers
  • This special group exhibitionconnects 23 photographers' (PhotoForummembers) images through hyperlinkage. This may bethe first time that individuals have come togetherthrough this process on the Web to share and project acommon interest ... in this case, the medium ofphotography. This holistic approach tests the truepotential of cyberspace to be able to merge 'space' fromdifferent points on the globe.
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    fromMichael Lean
    they sayArt Guide to the Collections of Great Britain and Ireland
  • The site isdivided into three main sections, allowing users to browse for exhibits byartist, museum, or geographic location. The Art Guide database currentlycontains over 1,900 artists, more than 650 museums, and over 4,500individual listings. Each artist listing features a list of works ondisplay and their location; each museum listing describes the highlights ofits collection, and provides an address and phone number, a link to itswebsite (where available) and links to other museums in that region.Additional site features include a separate listing of museums with websites and kid-friendly destinations, a comprehensive exhibition listing,and a visitors discussion forum.
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    fromMike Byford
    they sayThe Brigl Collection:
    Selected Works From the Master Artist
  • good use of the internet, although it's hard to tell how often the siteis or will be updated throughout the event
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    fromMichael Lean
    they sayMUVA (Virtual Museum of Arts)
  • Henry the Navigator's emblem "navigating is more important than living"bears eloquent witness to this site. This "museum" is bold in both the artthat it features and in the design of the site where it resides.
  • Users can take a virtual tour through the museum, either via thestairs, an elevator, individual floor plans of its three floors, or byclicking on the artist's name. Users may also walk around rooms by use ofdirectional controls, and view any of the artworks, along with informationabout them and about the artist. The first mouse click opens a separatebrowser window, and it is in this window that the entire exhibit is viewed.
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    fromMichael Lean
    they sayART ON FILM ONLINE
  • Art on Film Online features a fully searchable version of the Program's renowned Art on Screen Database an annotated research index to more than 25,000 films, videos, and new media on the visual arts. Subjects covered in the Database include painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, archaeology, photography, decorative arts, design, costume, and more. Access to the Database will be free during an initial introductory period.
  • Other new Web site features include:
    * Art on Screen E-News
    * Art & Architecture Discussion Group
    * Web Citings
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    fromby way of Paul Brown
    they say"A Piece of the Future"
  • Debbi Germann, Cyberartist
    Vip Suite Gallery of the Pygoya Webmuseum
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    they sayParanoia !
  • We have anextensive list of new projects, news, propaganda....
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    fromPaul Brown
    they sayMoscow WWWart Centre
    fromGerhard Grabsdorf
    they saymindflux
  • replicators for mINDVIRUS magazine amongst other stuff
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    they say089.COM ARTFORUM 
  • While you're enjoying your holidays, check out the new exhibit:The work of monumental Mexican sculptor Ernesto Azcarate.Don't miss our feature exhibit with the work of visionary 3D artist BenyTchaicovsky from Zoe Productions , a formidable storehouse ofComputer Graphics and 3D animation.
  • And Another new feature on our site: a list of upcoming grants, contests, and projects for artists to enter.
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    fromWalter Downes
    they say1st pan-european open art conline contest in the www
  • We believe that political and economical achievements alone are not ableto guarantee a peaceful growth of the European community as a wholeand give it a promissory future without discovering and developingcommon cultural values. Jean Monnet, one of the founders of theEuropean Union said once that if he would have to start again buildingup this union he would have started with the culture.Following these ideals, this project is not primarily and exclusivelydedicated to the widespread of European visual art but much more torender a modest contribution in finding a common cultural identity.
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    fromMark Billard
    they sayLumonics Light and Sound Web Site
  • Our goal is to seduce you into a state of meditative bliss.It contains photos of the light sculptures of Mel and Dorothy Tanner,background on the Lumonics Light and Sound Theatre, a multi-facetedperformance art, and audio and video clips from Cosmic Rap and otheroriginal Lumonics music and videotapes.

  • .commercial
    fromby way of Paul Brown
    they sayArtListings.com
  • Why aren't you listed on ArtListings.com? ....There is no charge.
    ArtListings is devoted to the buying and selling of fine art and art relatedproducts and services.
    * Artists and Art Galleries can post images at no charge* Art related products and services can list for only $5 a month or at nocharge for a link exchange* Art Museums list at no charge* Art Galleries can list for $5 a month or at no charge for a link exchange
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    fromby way of Paul Brown
    they sayObelisk CD Launch
  • Featured are Browning Mummery, Memory Loss, Jon Reeves,Analogue Orchestra, and the WS Burroughs Nova Remix, presenting a range ofsound from electronica to cut-up and word...
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    fromTod Foley
    they sayCyberlife's Creatures
  • or those of you who haven't seen it,"Creatures" is a small graphical world in which you can raise,teach and breed small cute furry automata called "Norns." Norns can't learn concepts outside of their hard-wired 80-wordlexicon, but they do possess complicated and individualisticpersonalities, likes/dislikes, somatic and linguistic habits,etc. And their haploid "DNA" system is worth exploring all byitself -- it's a beautifully elegant design and a nice "firststep" in desktop genetic modeling. As far as their learningand linguistic capabilities are concerned, they are a greatexample of a fairly simple model exhibiting apparently-complex,apparently-rational, apparently-self-motivated behaviour.
  • The coolest thing about these little creatures is that theircreators are pretty open-minded when it comes to third-partyexamination of the system itself; the macro language, globalconstant values and definitions, genetic code and other dataare fairly easy to come across, and mostly ASCII-based. Asa result, there are now buttloads of objects, sprite editors,creature editors and other utilities created by wacky userseverywhere.
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    fromKevin Doyle
    they say"That's Art"
  • A new contemporary art galleryonline. The gallery features original works fromtoday's most prominent contemporary painters fromaround the world.
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    from(I had it written down somewhere... -chris)
    they sayThe Ultimate Wall Easel
  • A visitor that comes to our site is in the market for art productsthat will support our easel and that is why we turn to you.To better help our customers find quality supplies and productsand art happenings.
  • A link from our site becomes and additional front door to your onlinebusiness, complete with a qualified customer already in the marketfor your goods.