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This is the guide devoted to futuristic art and design, art created with new technologies, web/internet art, scientific art, new forms of art collecting, and other related resources. I hope you enjoy the site! (NOTE: Some sites may not be suitable for children)

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For more information about each artist and their art, please click on the artist's name to visit their website.

Andy Deck

Angie Eng

Tina LaPorta
cyberlullaby.jpg (5782 bytes)

Faux Pas

Dariusz Nowak-Nova

Bionet Gallery

Marketa Bankova (New York City Map)

Starrynight (Alex Galloway and Mark Tribe)

Jennifer Ley



      S Y N T A C T I C A L E R R O R


Ted Warnell

intima | virtual base

Mez Breeze

Jaka Zeleznikar


Peter Lind

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