Rodney Chang, Computer Artist

DA KINE Windward Press
Hauula, Hawaii, - 1987


RODNEY CHANG  is top honors among artists in every class.  Art and human response is his mark.  Modern art such as his has a boomerang effect on anyone interested in visual arts.

Samples of Chang's 1987 to 2000 art will be exhibited here, in china, Germany, various states of America and in his own neighborhood of Kalihi, a suburb of Honolulu.  Chang is now foremost as a computer artist with his teeth into the major trend of turn-of-the-century painting and scupture.  He dubs it "Pixelism" - a name for his new computer oil painting series known as "Historic Landmark."   He lends computer designs to art forms of the present day and the recent past.

His style is luminosity, brilliant color and flexible movement on paper and canvas.  His degrees are in science (M.S., D.D.S., Ph.D.), but his private collection shows sensitivity and originality (B.A., A.A., Ph.D.).  Only a visual glance at his art can describe it- at sites such s the Gracie Mansion Gallery in New York; Da WAITING ROOM Gallery in Honolulu; the Manoa Artists Guild Gallery, Prince Kuhio Hotel in Honolulu and your local museum in Punaluu at Punaluu Gallery.

He bridges the gap between science, technology and art.   Psychologist, dentist, artist and iconoclast, Dr. Chang has managed to weave together the seen with the unseen, the material with the creative spirit of man.   Even as a child, Chang was the neighborhood "ring leader" that kept his peers entertained thorugh imaginative games.  His immediate plans are temporary displays in New York and  Shanghai, international action, export and transportation of his art beyond Honolulu and back again. 


DW, Editor
DA KINE Windward Press
Hauula, Hawaii  96717