Rodney E. J. Chang, also known as Pygoya, is an experimental artist as well as dentist, psychologist, and author.  He was born November 26, 1945, in Honolulu, Hawaii.


In 1979 his debut on NBC network’s Real People catapulted his Honolulu discotheque dental clinic into national attention.  His persona as the eccentric, Asian-American doctor with an Afro hairstyle – who could really dance- added to the television feature.  To improve his dancing through 2005, he integrated his disco style with modern dance.  The Disco Doc has been spotted on Saturday nights performing in Rumours dance club for decades in Waikiki of Honolulu, Hawaii.


Life after disco included completing higher education goals that Ripley’s Believe It or Not! recognized as ten college degrees earned, including in the fields of zoology, education, art, dentistry, counseling and aesthetic psychology.


Chang devoted his life to exploring his development as artist in the medium of computer graphics.  Underlying his expressive abstract imagery is the spirit of creative exploration of the medium’s potential through his understanding and interests in the psychology of art.  Much of his decades long theoretical art considerations are documented at his online “artist’s journal” at   Highlights of this efforts include Paintouts – original paintings on canvas from digital image design (1980s & 1990s) and Cyber-paintings – oil paintings as merely an intermediate step to make the digital image feel and appear more hands on – before scanning back and editing the final digital image, targeted for exhibition in the virtual cyber-space of the Internet.  He, along with Ingrid Doyle Kamerbeek of Germany, are the founders of Webism, the movement to create art solely for online exhibiting as formal contribution to the growing global Internet visual culture.  The group’s manifesto is at and membership information is available at


The artist’s works were exhibited in museums over the decades, including the Bronx Art Museum in New York (1987), Shanghai Art Museum (1988), Holter Art Museum (1990), Tartu Art Museum in Estonia (1990),  the Las Vegas Art Museum (1990), and the Vienna Museum Complex (2003).  Through the Webists network, local shows were exhibited worldwide, including Vienna, Frankfurt, Bavaria, France, Liechtenstein, Budapest, Tokyo, Australia, Calcutta, Jaimaca, Los Angeles, New York City, Honolulu, Canada, and Russia.


In 2005 Rodney Chang published Pygoya – A  Novel Of Rebel Art & The Supernatural.Through the character of Anthony, much of his personal life adventure and achievements enter the real of fiction and documents the mission of the Webists. The artist's goal is to attempt to generate interest in the book to serve as screenplay for a movie in order to reach a broader mainstream audience and inform it how the Internet and its digital art is becoming the main art medium for the Informational Age of the 21st Century.  Pygoyan Oil Cyber-Paintings was published in 2006. Both publications are available at and its subsidiary,


The artist maintains a website,  Truly Vitual Web Art Museum, online since 1997, showcases global digital artists’ works on a permanent basis and is proud to be a early contribution itself to Internet cyber-culture.


Chang is married to Erlinda F. Chang and they have three children – Bronson Y., Houston T., and Rochelle J. Chang.