JUNE 27, 2007             

                                               RODNEY PYGOYA CHANG


1. 61, if I'm going to try I'm not getting any younger

2. change from red to yellow eruption alert 2 days ago
3. less miniquakes from a week ago
4. got 4 of 5 Hawaii marathon completed
5. average of 5 over 60s ran it during past 4 years
6. never lost a runner
7. active eruption threatening lst time in decade so maybe special sign?
8. lst of 20 marathons whereby knees don't hurt, why????
9. newfound run-walk-run - (walk) strategy from Kona; run in SEGMENTS
10. new motivation for weights and do hills-make training different from ordinary long flat miles
11. philosophical - have courage
12. philosophical - my "Mt Everest" to conquer in life
13. if eruption or get hurt, lost, etc. - experience and material for another novel?
14. marathoncoursephotos.com - promises to be the best photos ever
15. if don't make it, try to make it to an aid station and head back with help
16. run the toughest marathon in the world and brag about it or say "I tried'
17. role model for extended family and own family
18. think, act, stay, younger than real age
19. challenge of mind power over body limitations
20. adrenaline rush
21. back to the Big Island - my favorite island; look at properties at Volcano again with realtor JJ
22.get no. 21
23. if don't make it, still lots of great photos
24.,male , husband thing - mom: NO, you're not going, too old, too dangerous; You're so stubborn!
25. test the knees on hills of a volcano when ok after flat Kona
26. run mostly in solitude over lava fields when field spreads out, maybe see some special like UFO, god, Pele?
27. maybe photo of real lava?
28. Kona's over, don't feel like retiring from running, so now what?
29. Fear Factor to conquer
30. always took the least risky choices of physical safety, want to do something opposite just once
31.be part of an elite runner group; fellow runner fellowship
32. don't act my age
33. do it for the seniors
34. get digital photos for an art digital show
35. experience renting in a Volcano bed & breakfast 1912 house
36. try for the coveted Finisher's Medal
37. possibly helicopter or Ranger on horseback rescue
38. beat the odds and not get stuck in the epicenter of a major earthquake like one that hit couple months back
39. nice photo of self running in lava fields for web site, for Webists site
40. be able to tell my grandchildren "I did Volcano" and when it was threatening to erupt.
41. return to the rain forest where I had a half acre lot
42. make friends with runners at lounge
43. finally find myself on the run, after trying to decide to attempt the mountain since turning 59 and discovering it at marathonguide.com
44. prepare differently from usual marathon - gloves, cellphone, laser, gas mask or surgical mask, water canteen
45. answer the question once and for all: is it hot to run it in July or cold yet because of the elevation ("don't wear shades because they fog and you stumble, you're running in the clouds")
46. find out, once and for all, just how hard this run is.. hyped or the real deal killer run
47. get another economic marathon under my belt
48. get another marathon this year (Phoenix, Kona), this age
49. something to think about, worry about, when I'm IN Roswell, alien city
50. listen to great music on my iPod as I run alone in the silent mystical lava fields
51. take on the unknown
52. leave safe, comfort zone of regular marathon
53. build self confidence; effort just as important as the result
54.Another event, decision-making moment in life which provides son Bronson and myself a better way to know each other as well as share the moment.
Hey Dad,
Wow, that is quite an impressive list.  I'm sure you could flesh out
just one or two of those points and provide a legitimate reason why you
should run the marathon.  To be honest, I too was afraid for you, it is
labeled the hardest marathon ever.  But, seeing how determined you are
gives me reason to say that risk is worth taking.  Also, I liked seeing
that finishing it is important, but just as important or even more
important is that you at least give it your best shot.  That's what
matters and I know you'll be able to do that.-Bronson

55. Obviously daughter and Houston will be observing.

56. The active volcano is the crucial setting and magical element of my lst novel, "Pygoya" (2006).  Since then, I have had a yearning to return to Volcano and run upon Leila's home.

57. Because my wife said, "You're not going!" "You're such a stubborn man!"

58. Because my 17 yr. old son Houston said, "Don't go. You won't make it."

59. To also serve as role model for 19 yr. old son Bronson as one who goes after challenges with hard work and passion.

60. To get to the vantage point of looking beyond towards the next goal, no. 22.


SOME GOOD SOUND ADVICE.........SO WHY IS IT WE NEVER TAKE OUR OWN BEST ADVICE?!heh heh heh.Hell of a list Doc.But you forgot
56.Chance to see some hot chicks running in as little clothing as humanly possible. - Jim Charette, Fall River, MA

Hi Rodney,
   Yes, use your regular running shoes, but I would recommend gloves, in case you fall..........some people also wear knee pads for the marathon.  Ask me about the bed & breakfast again next week as I am currently in Thailand and that information is in my Hilo office.

aloha, Wayne, Voclano race director