What is entailed in a show at Lastplace.com or Truly Virtual Web Art Museum



Of course not! having a virtual museum online makes it easier for everybody and also affordable. Here's how it works which somebody is invited to have a show at Lastplace.com


What I need is some digital images that you do not already have elsewhere online. It would be like a new show of your works, unveiled at my webmuseum.


Either send a bunch to select from (small sizes please as my email takes up to about 10MB or it doesn't come through) or send a link where I can find a folder of your work not visible to others (online storage).  If either is difficult to fulfill, then the third choice is to take me out of the equation.  YOU as artist select your favorites or put together a set/series with a theme, a show title. Like "Angst" or "Resolution" or "Conflict" or "Manic and Depression" or "Withdrawal".  Whatever.  But many artists like placing me in a position to select/jury among their offerings, in a sense curating a show of their works.  In this way they see what I prefer and learn why if they ask.  All subjective of course but then, in my niche, I'm sort of an expert in judgment of quality.
So no canvases, no printing, just an "series of digitals, originals for Cyberspace.".


AND copyright remains with the artist, is stated in the show, and museum has no print to print anything out.  Plus all shows are perpetual - I pay even after I am deceased as the website will be placed in perpetuity in my trust to the inheritors.
In my opinion, "museums," whether brick n' mortar or cyber, should preserve the work of the artists selected for posterity.
THAT is essence is what makes my web site truly a "museum."
If you go to the lst column of the homepage, www.lastplace.com/index.htm , and click on the Archived Exhibitions, you can see the scores of show over the years that are always accessible, "live online," even after they lose their position on the highly visible homepage of the site of "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum" with the address of lastplace.com  (one of the last museums still existing should there be some major holocaust)