Web Surfer's Note - Here is an example of the type of artist the gallery provided exhibit opportunity for in conservative Honolulu of the 1980s. Kent Warshaver had a fantastic show at the gallery! The works were edited to include only those with no human remains since it was a commercial gallery and needed to make sales. This did "piss off" Warshaver, who, at the time, rode with local bikers (prior with Hells Angels on the mainland). He and Rodney Chang had heated exchanges but the latter did grant the very controversial artist a show. This press release was written by the employed director Moss who was placed totally in charge of Warshaver's show promotion and public education duties. The show was censored by receiving no newspaper review.



February 2, 1986


Because of its central Pacific location, Hawaii has been a base for military and commercial air travel since early aviation days.

Not without consequence has so much air activity occurred, however, and, today, Hawaii's remote areas are littered with hudnreds of old air crashes.

Some of the wreckage was found long ago and removed as well as technology then permitted. Other sites were never officially located and remain, deteriorating, often obscured by dense growth and jungle.

Few people know about these wreckages, and few, other than relatives, will invest time and money to recover them.

Sculptor Kent Warshauer and his partner John Keene are among the few who are interseted in these old crash sites.

While Keene specializes in locating these wrecks, Warshauer recovers significant plane parts and human remains and creates memorials to the flight and its crew and passengers.

His work incorporates official documentation about the flight and personal research about the poeple and the crash itself. Warshaver refers to the reserach as aviation forensics and the sculptures as storied memorials.

Recently Warshauer and Keene located a very old crash intact, skeletal remains and all. Because of lack of official interest, they are trying to identify the flight and crew themselves and locate surviving relatives.

Warshauer would like to build a memorial to this long forgotten crew, and all those crews and MIA's whose reemains may stay forever in remote mountains, overgrown jungles and other inaccessible areas where no one may ever find them.

Warshauer believes only art can provide expression for the losses we all feel when accidents and catastropic events take life away so suddenly, and in large numbers, as happens in air crashes, and events such as earthquakes, eruptions and acts of war and terrorism.

Evelyn Moss, Director & Public Relations

SoHo Too Gallery & Loft


(no records survive to verify whether or not the above was every sent to anyone)

(Through Evelyn Moss, Dr. Chang was included on GREENPEACE HAWAII'S EXECUTIVE ADVISORY BOARD. She was an active member of Greenpeace Hawaii at the time)



Retrospective, 1999 - Soho Too Gallery & Loft was a total financial 5-year 6 figure loss for Dr. Rodney Chang. However, in retrospect, many of its noncommercial art installations and controversial exhibits, such as that of Kent Warshaver, provided the physical space and audience to fulfill many young local artists artistic dreams, in essence, giving them an opportunity to do their "New York" show without the means and ends to achieve the same in NYC. And so, Dr. Chang also fulfilled his "dream" for the city of Honolulu - but vowed never to do it again without any support by other arts institutions or media support guaranteed.