I will keep in mind the rental of your studio space in case I hear of
someone. Same with the pedestals, but Robert Fishoff (FF gallery)
has some white contemporary pedestals in the gallery, he may
be able to help you.

They will be sending you an invitation for the digital show on May 19.

I saw your big ad in www.war, it's impressive! Have you had any
bites? How long will it run?

I am very busy and running behind in preparing for our yearly big
Studio Tour here in Eldorado on May 20-21. It's the biggest in NM.
Here's the website: http://www.eldoradoarts.org/

I am part of a group show at St. Johns College which turned out
really well. I got my art on the front page for the college monthly
newsletter and a positive remark in the SF Pasa Tiempo review.

Hope you can come to the opening at FF gallery.







Well hello, Ursula!

I am pleasantly shocked that I will get an invite into FF!  I have never heard from them - figured they thought my art sucked or why let in an Outsider, there's enough artists in S Fe to pick from.  So your email makes a nice end to my pleasant and satisfying Sunday. Merci beaucoup!
You saw my 'big ad' in WWAR?  Where?  It's not supposed to start till May 10th. Signed for a year so there will be big time exposure of my work.  Like the vibes so far, finally getting business-minded about really trying to sell - has to do with turning 6-0.  Part of this frantic mad rush at attempting to snatch the golden ring of $ success includes my look at Maine, now Santa Fe.  If the timely is right, you can go now and catch my "Feature portfolio" on the homepage-
It's still on there as I write.... One of my old 80s paintings.
I've been having tons of fun uploading, now that I surprisingly got a free premiere portfolio from the site for being a blogger of years for them. Did a review of Santa Fe recently.  I discovered the "recent new works" page link to "premiere art portfolios". Guess this is frequently looked at because - with my banner ad campaign yet started, I got 11,000 eyeballs at my art in the week, today's the best at 3000+ (probably because of the featured portfolio on the right column).
But after 11000, no sales but who cares. I have just begun to fight.
Most importantly for the campaign bucks, I gain satisfaction uploading the autobiography of my artsy life via the selected works and typed in description of the works, including lots personal insight and experience. I have begun to make a home at wwar.
Cool FF like me after all!  But it's getting late for the show. What to show, can you print something up, frame and take it over if I try to get transmitted to you a 100MB file? Probably won't transmit.  .... But I'll need a giclee from your print studio.
Anyway, if they take me on as a regular, I'd be happy to list them first in my gallery representation section of the portfolio.  With 50,000 ad impressions + a month, this portfolio will BRING MORE TRAFFIC AND RECOGNITION from abroad to FF.  I could also use a photo and logo of the gallery and I'd use it as a month or more's banner! Free big time advertisement for them.  All they have to do is stick up a 6x4" miniature of my work to be my legit gallery.  I'm not demanding.  Now then if I have a rep gallery (for now at least), my mind is at ease of letting that studio live in LOFT opportunity slip away.  Another will appear for sale later.  Then DO make a commitment and get either a 1/1 apt. at San Mateo or the Reserve.  If S Mateo, maybe the owner wants to rent from me so they can open up more show space at FF for the summer season. Just a thought, if they have decided to not yet purchase a condo. The Reserve is cheaper but not as nice or convenient to 2nd St. as San Mateo. 
All the stuff I'm uploading is basically stuff I don't care if I don't sell a dime's worth.  Imagine having to wood crate one of those 7x5 footers and ship from Hawaii to whereever else on the planet!  But because my freebie folio started, I became a disciplined uploader as to not waste the opportunity handed to me. I was FORCED into business! So far, by my gross estimation, I've uploaded half a mil $ of inventory for sale.
 I am excited to promote my upcoming artbook with 100 color images which I won't unveil until the book is publish. Any of those images will be available as a giclee - 100 20x24" on paper and 100 on the same size canvas. I'm making my financial stand on these latest works.  For now the old stuff to show versatibility, life long dedication to experimental and digital art, and build a persona of the artist, including my humorous and satricial side.  I also get to promote my novel but plugging it into the wwar system as a collectible object because for $50 you can order an autographed copy from the artist-writer.  But my book's giclee editions offering will be worth way more than original paintings I'm uploading now till my banner starts appearing on Wed.: 100x200X$500= $10 mil.  If  my work is displayed in the Santa Fe area and I CAN sell, you'll be quite busy fulfilling my orders!  I do also have quality printers ready to go in Oregon as well as here in Hawaii.
Now if some person who doesn't mind living alone in cramp quarters just to kick start a gallery space for the self, backed by 50,000 eyeballs a month from the most trafficked contemporary art website, - free ads and exposure for one's work, then let me know.  I just have to collect rent ($900) to pay a mortgage since I can't afford cash at this time.
Another way to get something to you is to send a smaller file like 10MB so you can make a smaller 300dpi print on paper. I'd pay you for the print cost plus the $30 an hour for the runaround/framing.
Too bad the show isn't later in the summer cuz I'd like to come back one more time at some inspection of property before escrow closing.  But I'm not making any offer till the other Maine property is sold too as I need both to go into a deal in Santa Fe, downpayment  and mortgage qualification-wise.
By the way looks like a small town in Maine, - Houlton - is have their annual summerfest with a Hawaii theme this year.  They know of me and want to place my art in windows and maybe make me a honorary Mainer!  They read about me in the Bangor News when I got an interview on my novel and I told them I bought this house there because I needed a haunted house in the area close to Stephen King.  It came out in the paper on Halloween.
Eldorado arts org annual studio tour - what a great idea!  Your home is sooooo gorgeous and will display the art magnificently.
Let me know if FF wants to place a banner up on the top of wwar's homepage. Signed for 1 year.
You might want to select one of these new paintings for a small giclee. I could send you a larger file. I'd be interested to print something only about 8x10" because the files I have are quite tiny at this time. I have not yet shot the paintings professionally to generate major MB file sizes.
Isn't the reproduction of the digital design by me, "Painting Designer", extraordinary"?
I only use the best. (have swapped out painters many times since I started commissioning jobs to render my digital as copied paintings since 1987).  My Lord, almost 20 years at this project.  After all these early machines and their programs are extinct, there remains my paintings that honor their short lives (average computer obsolete in 2 years now) and show just what art could be squeezed out of them. My work is the legacy of the evolution of digital graphic power for the past 2 decades.  History will someday, I hope - publish this fact in the art history annuals of the world.