The Art Board and Pygoya Gallery Presents:


October 3, 2008, 5:00 to 9:00 P.M.

October's Theme "Extraterrestrials" In the spirit of Halloween, Pygoya Gallery and The Art Board join together to create a historic exhibition for First Fridays and the city of Honolulu.
Both gallery spaces at 1170 Nuuanu Avenue will feature art that explores the fine arts realm of UFOs, aliens, and outer space.

For First Friday, October 3rd,"Extraterrestrials" will feature the UFO work of Rodney Chang and Craig Ellenwood, both of Honolulu.

Other artists around the planet who dabble in UFO and space art have been invited to participate in the show. For example, Duane Irvin, of ROSWELL, New Mexico. FREE glow-in-the-dark implants markers will be placed on the neck of consenting visitors!

At the Oct 3rd opening Dr. Rodney Chang will be available to sign his sci-fi alien theme novels. Roswell Encounter Gallery and Starry Lights Over Roswell have artists as characters and a gallery secretly run by aliens and the town's UFO museum are the settings.

A Halloween party and dance is planned for October 30th (Thursday), 7 p.m.-10 p.m. Costumed guests are preferred. Refreshments will be served in The Art Board and Pygoya Gallery will activate its dance flooring.

For the events, expect X-file and other spacey sounds to enhance your visual experience. Possibly spot Men in Black and aliens sneaking about to also take in the show!

The exhibition will be available throughout the month of October, Monday-Saturday, 10-6 p.m.

Dr. Rodney Chang will be available, as the author of "Roswell Encounter Gallery," during the evening of lst Friday.

*"In this novel of fiction there is a second UFO crash in Roswell in July 2007. What is the connection between this crash and the one that occurred in July 1947? Are the town folks ready this time to avoid a
military cover-up? How do the aliens use art besides public UFO sightings to get their message to us? What is the reason for Roswell's first crop circle ever and will the government be successful in shutting
down the controversial gallery that throws new light on the intentions of ETs for our planet and species?"

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