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Oh Suzy of the Roswell Chamber of Commerce,
I toss and turn in bed sometimes as words of warning from the dubious warn me I am going to fail financially at trying to be a successful artist in Roswell, selling UFO/Alien/Space art. Your words of encouragement - and the Chamber's reach in promoting and inclusion of the business in the UFO tourist fold, give me more hope for a successful launch and journey in this innovative endeavor.  I look forward to playing my bit role in expanding global consciousness as to the special place that Roswell, truly a American myth, has become and always shall be.  Through the town people's creativity, sacrifices, and hard word, the UFO industry has been born and sustained since 1995 or even before that. As such it has attracted an outsider like me, attracted to the myth's fascination.  I stood in awe under your alien face street lights as the alien costumed citizens paraded by me during the Light Parade at the UFO Festival.  I'm sure as Roswell continues to grow and prosper more of us will come to do our share in contributing to the subculture of space that we all share a passion for.
Here is a hint of the property - I will give the exact address later once I acquire it.  Luckily I am preapproved by a bank for a mortgage but you know how iffy real estate can be while in the buying process and escrow.  The beautiful thing is that I should be located just 1 block from pedestrian traffic of the future site of the UFO museum!
To assist in promotion of the site and because I have become so transfixed in the subject of UFOs since returning from Roswell in July, I will commence to write my second novel starting September!  I am reading my  18th book about UFO, aliens, crop circles and the Roswell Incident as background for my novel of fiction but entitled, "Roswell Encounter Gallery."   So know you know the name.  I already have a logo done a sign on the property. Here's a peek-
I look forward to working together to include the gallery in the subculture for which Roswell is famous in order that it plays it role in providing another cultural attraction for visitors to come and enjoy.  I also look forward to do volunteer work in the arts at the UFO museum and later in retirement help out with kids on the Southeast side.
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Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 5:12 AM
Subject: RE: attention SUZy

Happy Tuesday Rodney,
How exciting to learn you have an offer in on a property for the Roswell Space Gallery.  Unfortunately, sales have closed for the 2007 Roswell Magazine.  However, sales will resume in June of 2007 for the next magazine.  We will just have to work with other means of advertising to bring awareness to the Space Gallery when you are ready for that.  When tourists come for the 60th Anniversary Festival word of mouth alone will direct them to the Space Gallery....I feel the Space Gallery will be a huge success.  When you feel you can disclose the location let me know.  If I can be of further assistance just say the word. 
Blessings on you,

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To: Roswell Chamber of Commerce
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Aloha Suzy,
I'm still trying. I have an offer on a Roswell property that would be suitable for the Roswell Space Gallery! Can you tell me what is the deadline to submit a business card size display ad for the Chamber's new visitor magazine? How much for the ad and where is the magazine displayed or distributed? Don't want to miss the deadline as I know the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident is a big deal for tourists.
Rodney Chang, Hawaii