Sue Corbin in Columbus, Ohio and Pygoya in Honolulu proved too fatal to adequate communication; plus no sales generated in Columbus: and 
bad decisions to frame abstract images to have a frame shop provide a show space on the premises as a  sanction for framing sales. Not one digital
work sold in a year or was accepted by any gallery before such a commitment was made to commit reserve funds  to framing.  No written and sent payable records for accountability of spending sent to Chang as agreed upon at the very start.


Pygoya, Corbin & Associates, Inc


I. Mission Statement


A.    Art Galleries and Art Seminars

1.      To expose people to the world of art. 

2.       “Art For Dummies” approach.

3.      Work book – 7 easy lessons

4.     Show them how to develop their own style and taste.

5.     New systems approach for art sales using technology and psychology/psychic power

6.     Empower the consumer to be a confident art collector


II.  Business Agreement – handshake/trust then written agreement, corporate setup, percent ownerships of the businesses

III. Types of Business

A.  Galleries

    1.  Locations

     a.  Pygoya Exclusive Galleries

          1.  Columbus, Honolulu, Orlando, Santa Fe

                              San Francisco, New York


                                b.  Franchise Galleries-target: artists           


                    2.  Products

                             a.  Artwork –originals and editions

b.     Books

c.     Innovative art delivery systems for the masses using technology, the internet as art sources, online selling, and creativity/skills of partners


                    3.  Psychic Evaluations

                             a.  General Overview

                             b. Artistic Slant

d.     Collectic Slant (repeat sales)

e.      Holistic wellness – include referrals for professional guidance (referral loop)


                   4. In-House Training Seminars: 

a.      Short training session offerings held (weekly or     monthly)

(1)  Introduction to psychology of art

(2)  Intermediate psychology of art

(3)  Psychology and art theory

(4)  Art Psychology for artists

(5)  Art in gallery and some psychological content


       b.  Online alternative courses- interactive, feedback,                       completion certificate



B.    Training Seminars:


1.     The Psychology of Art for the Beginning Consumer or Collector (3 or 7 day seminars on Cruise Ships or in high tourist locations like Hawaii, etc.)



2.     The Art Psychology for Artists

a.      3 or 7 day seminars on Cruise Ships or in a locations like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Bahamas, etc.)

b.     Volcano/other retreats

                    3.  Clinical Psychology for client – Big Island:Hilo, Kona


IV.  Start Up Steps


  A.  Develop our Philosophy
     1. Matchmaking art object with owner

2.      Acquaint and personalize art consumerism

3.      Utilize Art Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Psychic Readings to create new systems of art delivery to the masses

4.      Assist neophytes in fine art to gain confidence in artwork preference and collection

5.      Form a satellite of followers/family for each gallery

6.      Form an international chain of franchised galleries

7.      Innovative use of high technology for art delivery systems

8.      Promote the value of digital art

9.      Integrate mission with the Webists and support its manifesto

10.  Assist artists to own their own galleries and provide innovative central administrative, advertising, and supply/product support

11.  Contribute to the understanding of “art”, including research into its relationship to psychology, cultural evolution, and more generally, the nature of man

12. Use art as a tool for peace through the universal language of art


 B.  Set Up Pygoya Art Gallery (expand to Pygoya Galleries)

                   1.  Research

                            a.  Learn through books, internet

b.     Contact other galleries

c.      Workshops on gallery administration

d.      internship in other galleries

e.      working affiliation with other galleries


                  2.  Gallery Site

                            a.  Find Site

                                      1) Meet with realtors

                                      2) Rodney comes to Columbus – Oct. 2007

                                         3) Consideration of location, art area, travel, triplex/rental units, parking, zoning, costs, property appreciation potential, taxes, property condition, costs of repairs/maintenance, security, energy costs, hazardous materials, liabilities, appearance, etc.


                            b.  Purchase (or Lease Site)


c.     Construction Needs:  Paint, carpentry, lighting, flooring, electricals, etc.

d.     Period furnishings

e.      Exterior Signage (if legal)

f. Publications – business cards, brochure, stationary, postcards, logo/branding


                   3.  Art Work

                            a. Select Pygoya 2D images and sculptures

                            b. Select specific original works of other artists and/or signed print editions – buy wholesale or display on commission basis; display on walls, in in-house computer system, and online on website for gallery, later for all franchise locations

                            c. Work out the Pricing and Percentages to   

                                     Artists/Sales Staff

                            d. written contracts with artists/image-incl. delivery time if signature needed for purchased item

                            e. written agreement of trial selling periods – tiers    of display: top- walls, middle- catalogs:hard copy and computer, bottom- online web page


4. Psychic Profile Readings

       a. Walk in questionnaires

b.Weekly/Monthly sessions

                            c.Social/group readings




                   5.Clinical Psychology Profile art testing

                   6.Training Sessions



                   7. Advertising

                            a.PR with Media

                            b.Budget – display ads, radio ad, web site banners


                  8.  In House Service

a.      Book Keeping- copies to partners

b.     Tax preparations for corporation

c.     Cleaning, maintenance, security, etc

d.     Insurance

e.      Legal assistance.



                 9. Outsource Services

a.      Framing

b.     Dining auto-view-buy print system

c.     Printing art (some)

d.     Promotion of seminars and art displays with percent to outsource agency

e.      Shipping artwork

f.       Setting up gallery franchises

g.     Setting up electronic art delivery display and delivery system and dining services

h.     Central accounting/management service for franchises if contracted for such services; central collecting of all percent sales from all franchises






































Literature and Screen Plays

A.  Books

1.  Red Sable

2.  Pygoya

3.  Roswell

4.  Roswell 2

5.  Catalog of 100 Best Pictures

6.  Catalog of Rodney Chang’s Art Work


ii. Screen Plays





























Gallery in Ohio

1.     Overview

a.      Mission Statement

b.     Art Style

                                                  i.      Psychologists (2)

                                                ii.      Psychic (5)

                                              iii.      Artists

c.     Purpose


2.     Gallery

a.      Art Work

                                                  i.      Artists

1.     Outside Artists

2.     Local Artists

                                                ii.      Art Medium

1.     Digital Art

2.     Paintings

3.     Drawings

4.     Sculptures

5.     Jewelry

b.     Framing

                                                  i.      Outsource

                                                ii.      In House Framing