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Popular novels ans short story fiction by American Chinese, Dr. Rodney Eiu Joon Chang.

Dr.Rodney "Pygoya" Chang is the famous digital art pioneer that was granted a solo art exhibition at The Shanghai State Art Museum in 1988. He was a guest lecturer of "computer art" at Shanghai Univeristy, College of Fine Arts where he was presented a medal signifying him as an Honorary Professor of the university. Fitting too as Chang himself has resided within the "ivory towers" of Academia for almost 20 years, accumulating 20 college degrees for "doing the time." He matriculated into college at the age of 17 and finally left campus pushing 40!  Rodney quipped that, "It was time to find a real job. Life is too short to sit, listen and take exams any longer."

Chang's Truly Virtual Art Museum at, established online during the start of the Internet in 1997, is ranked number 1 in Google for the keywords of "internet art museum." 

Visit the highly trafficked e-museum for a global experience of multi-media films and fine art exhibitions by the master and other invited international artists.  Unlike brick and mortar museums with limited wall and floor space, exhibits at TVAM are perpetually accessible to "kingdom come." Chang philsophically states that, "After I'm gone, my art at will continue to exist, just like the pyramids."

Dr. Chang holds a Ph.D. in Art Psychology and a Masters of Science in Education from the presitgious University of Southern California.  His doctorate study was in the special field of aesthetic perception and experimental art 

He has ventured into writing ficition, to him, "just another art media."  Visit his "bookshelf" of offerings at