So I still think I'M in charge?


Got in last minute at least a 5 miler before totally blowing the week with no run conditioning. Mostly because the marathon boss in NM never wrote back after I asked about the terrain, hills, heat, route, and there's only 14-20 "running into the desert." So guess I don't give my $20 for the MS cause on Sept. 4. At least I won't have to worry about having a memorable lapse and not know why I took any extra 2 hrs to cross the Finish Line, if I do return at all.  Ha ha! Mostly however, because I AM going to Roswell June 30-Jul 3 for their most busy weekend, the UFO Festival held during the anniversary of the incident.


I say "think I'm in Charge?" because at the midpoint, my bro's candy shop (the irony of a dentist bro), there's this big Hawaiian fella sitting and jiving. Then long story short he said he just saw an UFO in the valley there in Nov. - on my 60th birthday. AND HE TOOK PICTURES.  He'll bring them to the store tomorrow so I can "take them and show them in Roswell."  What are the odds, just going on a unscheduled jog, I'll find UFO pictures to take to the UFO Museum to be analyzed? What a surprise gift for them. 

I will also speak of my own sighting in the 60s. The usual light going at speeds our jets couldn't do. But most striking- evidence of intelligence instead of natural phenomenon, was a perfect 90 degree turn using the whole night sky as the playground. We have to be talking thousands of miles per hour to do a right angle using the whole sky, in a split second.  Boy did I feel great when I read this week through "UFO Encyclopedia" the hundreds of sightings documented, if not proofed to be ET UFOs, that 3 different stories spoke of such a right angle maneuver. One on radar.

When I get the photos he said I could add it to my online art show and list him as a 'photographer.'



email to Harrison in Maine, June 16, 2006