Nov. 06 sighting-


Aina Haina Valley, East Honolulu, HI

Photos from digital camera of



1. Very strong white light

2. Changes in intensity, sometimes fading then returning with intensity

3. Sometimes 1 light, other times 3 smaller lights

4. Hovers, then fast speeds, then stops, once made big circle in sky

5. Ran to get camera, about a minute lapse, and was still there. Disappeared after flash went off.

6. Once one object, then split to two, then back to one.

7. Up in back of valley close up to ridge, close to high voltage towers bringing electricity to the town of Aina Haina below

8. Time about 3 a.m.

9. Told friends, none believed. Later had call from a friend show said he saw them again in same area, around 3:30am this time. No photos taken.

10.sped off in a slanted line upwards at high speed and disappeared

11. no sound, darted about