Dear Dr. Chang,

It is so great to hear from you!  Thank you!  Do you prefer I call you Pygoya?  I only use Dr. Chang out of deep respect.  I visited your virtual museum.  I love seeing all your great work.  Really liking the His & Hers work and the Cybermorphs.  I love the older stuff too.  I remember some of it (Assembly) from the Siggraph catalog in which I originally found you in. You have so much material, I'm going to have to spend more time to go through it all.  You are truly an inspiration!

I read what you wrote about your new book.  To me you are an absolute success!  Fuck the art world.  It's all about youth, appearances, and social games.  I'm wondering if you can't get directly into a museum show at the Whitney.  They have a biannual show that is open to direct submission from artists.  It's another way into the museum world that bi-passes the traditional gallery/curator ladder that leads to museum exhibition/placement.  

You really are a pioneer in the cg world.  I'm so lucky to know you!  What can I do to help you?  What can I do to keep your website and work going in the future?  

As a bit of self-promotion, I'd be honored if you take a look at my website.  I'm struggling with lack of recognition, lack of sales, goals, and what success means to me.  You're a great role model for me.  Wealth would be nice.  Still trying to get my punching bag on Shark Tank.  But I can't control that.  I guess all I can do is make the best work I can that I feel good about.  My current goal is to move to Savannah GA.  Maybe I'll work my way into some galleries or open my own.  Maybe I'll have pinball there too.  Take care my friend!


Shane Pickerill

P.S. Remember when you met with my brother in HI.  He studied photography.  He lived in Honolulu for 15 years I think.    You're right, capitalism is not working!