1. stack of bronze donuts - pyramid stacking

2. combination of bronze attachment, holding glass on wood or steel base

3. bronze plate with relief work and colorful patinas

4. bronze with copper welded accents

5. pins flying with fetus ball ("Delivery")

6. people flying with skull ball ("Nuclear")

7. bricks installation/columns with each unit open at end for welding

8. sculpture on wheels

9. prefabricated custom plastic appendages for bronze works

10.combine bronze with fragile secondary elements such as grass, straws, paper, glass, paper mache, rubber

11.stars floating together - galaxy, rising star, star struck, etc.

12.stool with built in hotplate ("Hotseat")

13.wax square with rectilinear planks (instead of coils) for constructions

14.flying carpet - fabric coated resin, casted in bronze

15.steel beam with flat bronze floor base as pedestal; monumental outdoor scale

16.invested aluminum appearing balloon with wax rope coil to simulate floating attached string

17.floating hands and partial face in function of administering anesthetic and holding back lip for needle access (include only lips, intraoral, doc's hands, syringe, nose, one cheek and closed eye(s)

18.intricate patterns inside partially "breaking bread" (semi-tear) outer geometric surface (oval, round or square)

19.spinning inverted cone with peripheral rim spinner - wiggly, over central pin on column, may include decorative open linear spaces to flash mixed color when spinning when viewer looks down on moving cone (colors on base on ground -flat pattern)

20.chess set - bronze, or large individual pieces (king, queen, pawn, etc.)-monumental scale

21.container with colored water (or paint) with bronze "floating" boats, islands, swimmer, sharkes, etc.; vibrator to cause ripples


Sample bronze works by Rodney Chang, 1984

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