Rochelle Chang


November 30, 2005



Happy Halloween!


Every Halloween since I could remember, I have gone trick-or-treating. I would always be so excited the night before because just thinking about all the candy that I would be getting. This year, my friends and I didn’t have to go with our moms because we were finally old enough. So of course, we were all very thrilled!

            This Halloween, my friends and I dressed up as Egyptian princesses. We were so ecstatic about all the candy we were going to receive from going door to door yelling at the top of our lungs, “Trick-or-treat!!” My friend Chelsea has an Aunty Cathy who lives by my house in Kahala. So every year, we go to Aunty Cathy’s house to trick-or-treat. Whenever we go there, we have to give some type of performance for our treat. She told us about this one trick-or-treater who was dressed up as the Phantom from “The Phantom of the Opera,” and he sang her a song from the movie, perfectly. Of course, my friends and I were happy because we absolutely love that movie and we know almost all the lyrics to the songs. So we hoped that sometime that night, we would see someone dressed up from “The Phantom of the Opera.”

After performing for her, we left her house to get more candy. While we were deciding which house to go to next, our wish came true. Out of the darkness, the Phantom appeared! His costume was perfect. He was dressed in a black tux, with a white mask covering half his face, and he held in his hand a beautiful red rose. We waved because we absolutely loved his costume, but he just stood there and stared. He wasn’t very friendly, if you ask me, but that’s how the Phantom is in the movie, so we didn’t mind too much.

When we were walking to the next house, my friend Emily turned around and whispered, “Oh my gosh! The Phantom is following us.” Sure enough, the Phantom was walking a few feet behind us. At this time, we thought he was just going in the same direction we were while trick-or-treating. However, every time we’d come to another intersection, he would go the same way we went. Or if we went to a house, he’d follow us. He was like a cat, following a group of mice, just ready to pounce and eat them up. Although we were trick-or-treating, it still felt a little awkward.

After awhile, we knew for sure that maybe he was not just following us not for candy, but probably for us. Maybe he was a little bit too much into character. So we started running, hoping to lose him.  I looked behind me, and there he was, still a couple feet behind us, chasing us. I sprinted ahead of my friends. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. My friends were screaming but I just kept running leaving them behind.

When I came to a nice house, the Phantom was pretty far behind. My friends caught up and the people who were passing out the candy asked us why we were screaming and why we looked so out of breath. We told them about the Phantom. They asked us if we were sure that it was not just a Halloween joke, which we were pretty sure that it wasn’t. When the Phantom came, the candy passer outers told him to stop scaring us. Of course, we started running again because we didn’t want the Phantom to catch up with us.

            By this time, it was getting pretty late, so my mom called us and asked us where we were so that she could pick us up and take us home. I told her exactly where we were and soon enough, I saw her car pull up to the house we were just at. We were all relieved that we could finally escape from the Phantom. But, while we were walking to the car, we saw him again! The Phantom raced up to us. Of course, we all started screaming, thinking about who knows what he might do to us. Slowly, he removed his mask. I recognized him as a very old classmate that I knew in elementary school. He told us that he was sorry for scaring us and to have a good Halloween. Then he vanished.

            I got to say; this Halloween was one that I will never forget. How about this? I actually got to have my very own experience with the Phantom! It is one experience that almost scared me half to death.