Historic Follow-up Letter to NBC's Real People Show Telephone Inquiry

June 13, 1979


Mr. George Schlatter Production
c/o Cheryl
8321 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Dear Cheryl,

"Da Waiting Room" (in red neon) was packed - with Blacks last night. Marathon McCoy, DJ, the first DJ to be part of a dental staff, had his "best friends" over for a private party. Marthon's an x-Marine that is originally from New York City but has made Honolulu his new home. That was last night. Tonight's Wednesday Night Fever in the office and the place should be packed with teens since summer's here! With further development I hope to have the disco/dentistry go more weeknights.

Cheryl, it was difficult to engage over the telephone at the spur of the moment, especially when it's America on the other end, and a hot tooth on the other. But reality finally set in and I'm super-excited and delighted by your call!

This unknown among the millions (would you have called any other dentist working privately in a small dental office?) has been challenging the world all his life with creative alternatives of what life's experiences can be or at least include. I was beginning to think Uncle Sam's too dumb to not have some sort of mechanism by which he could identify, evalutate and utlimately draft his natural creative resources. Your call reaffirms my long term conviction that there is ultimate value and recognition in being yourself - as weird and indeterminate as one may seem to the unreal majority out there.

I viewed your show last week for the first time and found myself thinking, "Hey, I shoud be on this program" (no B.S.). In fact last month I wrote in my diary that a local program entitled "My Weirdest Experience" based upon real people appearing on the set has a potential audience appeal. Congrats! You beat me to the punch and I wish you every success since you're now playing out one of my hunches and fantasies. In fact I don't see how REAL PEOPLE can miss if all the networks can come up with for weekday viewing are soap operas and quiz shows based upon materialistic greed.

Even if your board of judges decide not to use my material your call will always be a powerful source of inspiration to continue my confrontive style in dealing with the boring Jones' next door.

I urge you to let America see "Da Waiting Room". With all the terrible news and depressing issues we Americans have to face everyday, it would be almost therapeutic to give everyone the opportunity to chuckle with/at the "Disco Doc". I'd be great for your show.


Your Volley (and thanks),

Disco Doc



Journal entry noted - Rough draft for a reply to a phone call from "Real People" TV Productions. They never responded. Guess you don't talk like that to a network - DD

Disco Doc and Da Waiting Room went on the air later that year and was a popular feature in sequel shows in the following years. TV spot ads throughout the years promoting the Real People Show highlighted Da Waiting Room and Disco Doc as a must-see. The Real People Show that first year (1979) was rated most watched program of the networks (at that time there were only 3 major networks in the USA)