1.  Harmonics (rock group, leader), 1963-68
2.  Da Waiting Room (disco dental attraction), 1979-1994
3.  SoHo Too Gallery & Loft, Honolulu, HI, 1985-89
4.  Hawaii Computer Art Society, 1989-present
5.  Pygoya International Art Group, 1987-present
6.  Slap Caps Company, (Hawaii milkcap or "pog" fine arts company, invented the 2-sided cap and diamond and       gold plated cap) 1993
6.  The Pygoya House, (designed by the artist) 1995
7.  Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at, 1997-present
8.  Snailmail Cards at, 1999-present
9.  New York Net Gallery at, 1999-present
10.Cyberart Art Ring, 1997-present
11. New York, 1999


Memberships, Past and Present-

1.  American Dental Association
2.  Hawaii Dental Association
3.  Academy of General Dentistry
4.  Honolulu Dental Society
5.  Associaiton of Hawaii Artists
6.  Hawaii Craftsman
7.  Windward Artist Guild
8.  Hawaii Computer Art Society
9.  YLEM- Artists Using Science and Technology, CA
10. International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST)
11. National Space Society
12. Hawaii Space Society
13. National Computer Graphics Association
14. Bishop Museum Society (l yr. volunteer in Ichthyology Collections Dept.)
15. American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
16. Honolulu Acquarium Society
17. International Society of Copier Artists, NY
18. PIAG- Pygoya International Art Group
19. Las Vegas Art Museum - staff: Director of Internet Programs, 1998-present
20. Truly Virtual Web Art Museum - Webmaster, Curator, at, 1997-present
21. Cyberart Art Ring - 1998-present
22. Artists of - 1999-present
23. international art ring - 1998-present


Invented Concepts/Terms-


1. Transformative Psychology (described in Mental Evolution and Art, Exposition Press, Inc., NY, NY, 1980
2. NFL ProFootball game - 1961; marketed by Ideal Toy in 1972
3. Pixelism - the pixel of computer art as analogy to dot in Pointillism of Seurat
4. Pseudopixelism - editing the pixel into clusters to create a hybrid painting style crossing computer graphic design      and the painter's brush; removal of the hard edge of painted pixels and replacement with mark by head of brush
5. Relativism - as described in "The Relativism of Rodney Chang", Hawaiian Island Home magazine, June 1991, Pacific Publishing Co.
6. Paint Out - collaboration with artists or self painting on canvas imagery originating from computer graphics
7. Card-Print - mixed media combination of limited and signed edition of plastic prepaid telephone cards as fine arts limited and signed edition by artist
8. Cyberart - "digital art created FOR the Internet online community, making it lst generation indigenous digital fine arts, found only on the Internet
9. Cyberpaintings- Paintouts photographed, scanned, edited and uploaded on the Web (for example, within the vrml virtual reality galleries of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum) as final stage of digital-to-paint-to-digital artistic process, making in a sense, the residual painted canvas a disposable or intermediary work step of this cyberprocess.
10. Cyberartist - artist that creates for the Internet; "computer" or "digital" artist creates for hard copy display or exhibition in physical world
11."Pygoya"- handle or name of Rodney Chang for the Internet; functional as key word to create own all exclusive pages in online search engines
12. Webism - an art "-ism" created through and for the Internet to meet the cultural needs of online "surfers" who spend much of their life online, for the most part, devoid of visual cultural experiences.
13. "Art Psychology"- as expounded in Mental Evolution and Art as a part if Transformative Psychology
14. Hypnogogic Art - creating art while in a hypnotic trance