Pygoya, Hawaii
Web Artist


I started in painting and sculpture, rendering the tropical landscape and casting organic tactile forms in bronze with expression. After a decade I discovered computer graphics (1985), only to continue to pursue continuing personal expression with this dynamic and fluid medium. I held hundreds of exhibitions till 1996, pitching digital canvases and prints to museums and galleries, thereafter losing interest and instead expending the time and effort to establish a presence in the new virtual show space of the Internet.

I established Truly Virtual Web Art Museum, also known as, spending over 4,000 hours to build cyberculture content for the online artistic community. In 1997 I declared it all global virtual culture, cyberculture, or "Webism." With the acquaintance of Ingrid Kamerbeek, master networker and cyberartist, the Webist group grew and held it's first international exhibitions in 'real space' (India, Europe, Australia, East Hawaii Cultural Center). We are a unique and dedicated group of artists committed to providing new online art to establish a global online culture of peace and harmony. We also display our works around the world through our artists contact network, thereby promoting the public to search for such innovative art online.

As for my own work, I continue to reap the great pleasure of living when absorbed in manipulating digital light into fine art.


-Pygoya, January 28, 2004