Rodney Chang, Bettina Jones and Mandel Andres at SOHO too Gallery & Loft, Honolulu, Hawaii

Show Statement by Rodney Chang
December 1985


     The thrust of this body of works is to meet the objective of recreating the primitive, the primordial, the never discovered extinct possibility.  The fossil record serves only as a beginning for the imagination and subliminal to materialize forms that embody my instinctive sense of the primal.  There is no effort to emulate contemporary decorative beauty but instead to regress back to a feeling of earth and silt that only the process of Raku can imitate.  In this day and age of slick and highly refined craft it was refreshing to return to a simpler age of making relics through pit, fire, smoke and ashes.

     But a return to the beginning led to the challenge to harness the future as a subordinate tool to further excavate deeper abysesses of my inherited irrational past.  Paradoxically the computer was confronted to create another dimension to serve as niche for my creatures and to expand upon the breath of effort to bring the primal back to life.  Through such a high tech vehicle an imaginary inner and outer space and terrain was established for these archtypical vital forms to roam and come forth to you.