Places I've Created/Lived


From the Diary of Rodney Chang,

Diploma, Interior Design, La Salle Extension University, USA



1971-72 - Shared apartment in Maywood, Illinois with 3 other dental students, 2 from California, l from Chicago. Created a Hawaiiana themed bedroom with the music, lights and accessories to help myself handle homesickness.

1974 - Ha Nam Dong Apartment, Seoul Korea - "Korean Bar" with bar stools, mats, color lighting, music system, my paintings, black furnishings, accessories

1977 - The Laniloa Condominium, Penthouse No. 4 - "Japanese Tea House" - large hanging paper lantern with pink glow from rheostat lighting control, high penthouse ceiling, central Cherry wood hand sculpted table (from thesis show at Northern Illinois University, Dept. of Art) with red large throw cushions, large life size female figure with psychedelic hues and custom frame with moving theater lights in it, balcony swing wood designer loveseat, cork wall bedroom with copper mirror tile accents, furry white rug, bathroom with decor of King of Hearts, furry red toilet seat and tank covers; card of hearts design see through plastic shower curtain..... basically, an apartment any party-throwing bachelor would love. It would have been perfect for a scene in Meyer's "The Spy That Got Shagged". A famous party place during the times, 5 minutes from the University of Hawaii Manoa campus.


1979 - World Famous "Da Waiting Room" - disco dental art installation in the dental clinic, Honolulu, Hawaii


1981 - Kaimuki Apartment - "Kaimuki Art Studio" - tight, filled with storage, paintings, sculpture, books, a transitional space with character through living with chaos through minimal order.


1985- SOHO too Gallery & Loft - inner city 2000 sq. ft. hollow tile warehouse in Kalihi, Honolulu; added balcony extension for more exhibit space and storage below, added upstairs computer art studio and adjacent bedroom with access to roof by ladder, added skylights, tracklights galore - up and downstairs, a total of 5 separate exhibit rooms, added powder room, closet, shower to existing restroom. Almost like living out my fantasy of living in New York as artist.


1990 - Renovation of 1011A Alewa Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii - "The Moon House" - old 60s tract house with over 3,000 sq. feet; added wooden white disks design to entrance stairway for character, added side semi-enclosed garden-sitting area, back Koi pond with added Manila palms, new custom curtains, rugs, white paint, removed jealousies and place plate glass at entrance; filled house with large Paint Outs; cool basement computer art studio; 6 bedrooms, 3 bath; 10 aquariums.


1994- startup construction of The Pygoya House with columns, dance floor, theater, gallery, library, gazebo, pond, bar, breakfast nook, 5,000 sq. feet, 35 built in track lights, jacuzzi, and the usual.