Weird happening of the Day

October 1, 1999
Honolulu, Hawaii


We have 2 pigeons, in a small coop, on our back porch. One from a pet
shop, the other captured under a rigged box at the Honolulu Zoo. Now these 2
hated each other in that cramped rabbit cage. After two months, we chanced it and let them go, about 2 weeks ago. Looked like that was the last time we'd see them, even took photos of the pets being released.  After a few days, to our surprise,  they came back afterall,  to the elation of the 3 little kids. Lesson accomplished on the predictability of nature, the passing on to the next generation of knowledge concerning the keeping of homing pigeons my father so loved. 

Now they sort of come and go when as they please. Not like normal pigeons that go right back after a spin around the
sky, then back to roost for food, water and caring for babies. Now these 2, never
home at night like delinquent teenagers, were spotted flying in the
adjacent valley 5 miles away the other week.  Again home last afternoon
for food and water, off again to who knows where.

Jessica, 8, is having
a hard time keeping a 'journal' of her unreliable pets. She just got accepted into her
school's afternoon Story Telling/Oral Communications/Speech group for
kids gifted in Gab. So I know she'll eventually use
this for an future presentation.  Here it is:

Past the "adjacent valley", on the freeway stuck with morning traffic,
this morn, York (11)  in the back seat being
chauffeured to school, 8 or so
miles from home,  yells,

"I saw them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"What?!?" Who-what- where when -what-why the..."

"Our birds."






"Where, which side (of the car)?!"  I scan the skies, sway and attempt  to
stay in my middle lane - but horns honk.  I never saw them this faraway from the
house, need to verify this phenomenum ......




"Outside my window, ten feet away, looking at me."