The Great Peace Show

- Plus SOHO too -Right Time, Wrong Place




Estelle Akamine - "Do Communists Like Fancy Dress Balls?"             Mixed Medium

Mandrell Andres - "Prayer for Peace"            Mixed Medium

Thomas Baty - "Two Figures in a Found Frame"                          Acrylic

A. Kimberlin Blackburn - " Meditate,Meditate, Dance to the

          Music"                    Mixed Medium

Sue Boydstron - "From the Kumulipo"               Mixed

Rose Burch - "Fear of War", "Grow in Peace"          Watercolor

Gaye Chan - "In Pursuit of Peace"                          Mixed

Rodney Chang -   "One Giant Step Towards New York",

                              "Love Tester in the Making",

                             "Next Century"                                     Computer

Joanne Claybaugh Chorney - "Four Views"                         Oils

James Dowlen - "Quill"                       Computer

Judith S. Driver - "Make Love, Not War"        Mixed

David Friedman - "Puu Kanehoalani"          Oil

Tom Hitch - "9 Years and 11 Months", "His Friends"                     Photography

Judith Hutchinson - "Be"        Wood Carving

Lillie James - "Hand to Heart"           Oil

Bettina Jones - "Getting to Know You", "Watch Your Okele"       Acrylic

Sherren Kanehisa - "Moon and Diaondhead", "We Take Energy

                  From Our Surroundings"        Mixed Scuptures

Diana Levitt- " Hands on Experience", "It's a Small, Small World"        Mixed

David A. Landry - "Making a Difference"         Plastic I-Beams

Claryca Loring - "Space, the Eternal Frontier"        Mixed

Larry Lovett - "Peaceful Island"                      Computer

Bob Murtorff - "Aloha From Russia - and Twenty Contemporary Aritss          Video

Paul Nash - "Nuclear Dancer"      Raku Clay

Ed Przelomski - "Untitled"        Mixed

Carin Rapson - "This is How Life on Planet Earth Should Be Lived -

Basking in Peace", "I Don't Want This Place Destroyed!"        Oil

Steven Rosenthal - "I Don't Want This Place Destroyed!"       Sound Sculture, hung from ceiling

Carl Shoemaker - "Declining Figure"      Acrylic

Eric William Sigmund - "Ch'ien the Creative"     Acrylic on Wood

Nancy Strode - "From Hawaii to the World... With Love"       Photomandala

Kent Warshauer - "Articide!"      Installation

Teresa Welters - "Peace", "War"      Oil-Eglomise

Walter Gaudnek - "Peace", "Labyrinth with Eagle & Dove"       Acrylic & Canvas



Special Thanks to entertainers performing at the opening reception-
Elaine Kam and the Sunshine Hawaii Performers and Earth Riders



Articide, Kent Warhauser



Sculputres by Judith Hutchinson, 1986




I Don't Want This Place Destroyed!, Steven Rosenthal      
Sound Sculture, hung from ceiling