Paintouts, Yesterday and Today

January 3, 2006


Paintouts during the 1980s-1990s was intended to create "brick n, mortar" or traditional medium artifacts, thereby remove selected images from the realm of "simulated" virtual art and into the "real art" world.  Then along came the Internet, for me, 1997, with the launch of my "Truly Virtual Art Museum" at Then existing Paintouts had to be rephotographed and/or scanned to REENTER the virtual realm, not extended via the Web into a virtual global communication (including the visual) mainstream network. In that extended use post-painting effort, the redigitalized works were edited for their debut as art for Internet cyberspace. Therefore what is seen online is not exact replicas of last century's Paintouts but living virtual entities original to e-Cyberspace and it's global audience.

Hope this helps clarify, bridge, the old Paintouts with today's 16x20" series, produced with  A NEW INTENTION of serving merely as an intermediate step to it's final presentation as Internet/Web (Webism) art with a hands on look.  The works, once photographed/scanned again are intentionally edited by Pygoya to take them beyond the paintings rendered by the artisans to which the original digital images were outsourced.