Letter from one of the Paint Out Painters of The Pygoya International Art Group


Mi Er, Shanghai, P.R. of China


Dear Dr. Chang,


I have the great honor to receive your five photos of computer painting created in 1990, which set simple and clean demands on my reproduction. I have not seen your works for ages, and eagerly want to make more progress in your Van Goh series works. Since you have only given me five photos with lantern slide, I could not start painting for the time being. I wonder if you would mail me the slides as soon as possible.

The style of some of your five paintings are quite different from the before. You have embodied the imagine of the paintings by a remarkable penetrating power, distinction and with great enthusiasm therefore, it reappears in the paintings plainly, quickly and synthetically. Particularly the colours of No. 0067075, F01733. 1060 are very clear and lively. The echo among the colours is extremely exquisite. It is described by clear outlines and smooth strokes which embody the scenery sequence. All of No. 0067078, F005301060, 0067078 and F011441060 are composed of paints. They can embody such a spirit of Van Gogh that it has got rid of tradition and obstacles to display more directly and synthetically.

Oh! Van Gogh, great Van Gogh! Many painters over the world want to reach this lofty realm. Chinese translator puts Van Gogh into two Chinese words: one is "Fan",. It means the world, the other is "gao". It means high, as high in heaven. I think Van Gogh itself just expresses Chinese meaning: the heaven in the world. Your works and reproduction what I am going to make should climb up to the heaven and fairyland step by step. We will surely reach such a realm. My determination is to come after you forever.

Very Best Regard.


Yours very sincerely,


Mi Er